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Keep Your West Palm Beach Home Rodent-Free This Winter

December 8, 2017

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The weather continues to cool down here in West Palm Beach and throughout South Florida, which leads to rodents looking to move their families indoors. Rodents commonly find their way in our homes in search of warm shelter, food, and water.

Don’t Leave Your Doors Open.

As the air cools off, you may be tempted to leave your doors, windows, and garages open to let in that cool breeze. However, leaving your doors open for too long, especially throughout the night, is an open invitation for rodents.

Properly Store Pet Food.

Whether the food is kept inside or outside, it is important to seal it up correctly. If not stored in an air-tight container, the smell of the food and the food itself, is left on a platter for the intruders.

Properly Store Your (Human) Food.

Once mice and rats enter the home, the kitchen is one of the most common places they will infest. Why? Because they also love the taste of your Cheez-Its. Storing food in air-tight containers will eliminate the chances of rodents feasting for free.

Take The Garbage Out. And consistently.

Even though it is garbage, it’s important to keep garbage cans clean and covered. Taking the garbage out consistently will reduce those easy left-over meals waiting for a rat or mouse to come enjoy.

Seal Lines and Gaps.

Inspections around your home are necessary. Look around at all entry points for gaps that are the size of a dime or larger. Check for holes throughout the foundation, doors and windows, and piping.

Replace Screens.

After a good inspection, you will notice if there are screens that need to be replaced on door frames and window frames. Screens on vents should also be replaced.

Reduce the Water Resources.

Rodents need to drink plenty of water and this is easy for them to get when there are leaks or still water around your home. It’s important to look for areas that are attracting moisture and eliminate them. This can be done by reducing areas that hold standing water, inspecting and fixing the plumbing and cleaning up areas that leave moisture. Important places to inspect are the basement, the garage, the kitchen, and the bathroom.

Keep Up With Landscaping.

Landscaping can be attractive to rodents and can give them easy access to your home. Maintaining your lawn and garden includes removing debris away, as it can provide extra shelter for rodents. If there are woodpiles, they should be removed from the sides of your home and trees covering the roof of your home or next to windows should also be maintained.

Inspect Your Roof.

Ventilators, shingles, and chimneys should all be inspected for gaps, leaks, and breakage. If there are any gaps, they should be filled in immediately. Also, if your home has a chimney, it’s important to keep it capped to keep the rodents and other wildlife on the outside.

Remove the Clutter.

One of the biggest attractions for rodents is clutter. For adequate rodent proofing, cleanliness is a must. Attics, basements, and garages are top contenders for clutter. It is important to take the time to tidy up and organize these areas. 

Here are some additional tips to help keep your home rodent-free!

If you feel that you need a professional inspection or need help getting rid of rodents in your home, call our Nozzle Nolen professionals today.  Serving West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Boca Raton, and communities along the Treasure Coast and throughout much of South Florida, we are ready to help you! 


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