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It’s September… Why Are Ants Still On My Lawn?

September 5, 2018

It’s official, summer is finally coming to a close here in Florida. The thermometers have calmed down and are no longer reaching upwards of 100 degrees. Though not cool yet, we can finally take a breath of cooler air. It seems that summer problems have finally gone away. That leaves homeowners wondering, "Why are there still ants on my lawn? Aren’t ants a summer problem? Don’t they hibernate through the colder months?” We have bad news for you. Here in Florida, even fall and winter temperatures are more than warm enough, and humid enough, for ants to continue their work. It is as though nothing has changed, they're still gathering food and building colonies as fast as ever. And this can be a problem.

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Different Types of Ants And The Problems They Cause

Here in Florida, there are several different species of ants. Most can be categorized into two different groups, yard-infesting ants, and house-infesting ants.

Yard-Infesting Ants

 All ants need a home base, and for yard-infesting ants, this is usually seen in the form of an ant hill. We are all familiar with the damage they can cause in our lawns. Sometimes the damage goes beyond what our eyes can see as their nests can extend underground for several feet, sometimes under sidewalks, concrete patios, and beneath foundations. Along with building extensive nests, yard ants will also feed on the roots of grass along with decorative plants. Destroying plants and property are not the only concern ants bring. Many ants also bite, and for people with allergies, this can pose an even deeper danger.

House-Infesting Ants

Upon entering your home, ants bring a variety of problems. Anyone who has dealt with ants is familiar with the highways ants create, in, out, and all around, conveyor lines for food and resources. This can be quite the nuisance as well as extremely hard to deal with. Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t stop there. For many ants, all it takes to be a threat is just moving around. From trash cans and toilets, to counters and tabletops ants roam, picking up and transporting harmful bacteria from place to place. The same tiny feet walking on your fresh salad could have just been circling the toilet bowl. No one wants that.

We Can Help

 Sometimes cooler is just not cool enough. The fact is, ants in Florida are here to stay. Here at Nozzle Nolen, we understand that a year-round problem needs a year-round solution. We have just the solution for you. Our pest professionals have the training and tools to handle even the most invasive of Florida ants. We are here to help you find freedom for your family and protection for your property. Want to know more about our methods and qualifications? Be sure to give us a call today. 

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