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Is The Paper Wasp Population In Lake Worth About To Explode?

June 27, 2018

The warm, humid climate in the Lake Worth area makes an excellent breeding ground for wasps; this means paper wasp populations will explode in the summer months as their life cycle comes to a peak because of the perfect weather conditions. It is important to learn about these pests and how to prevent them, as you will be seeing them a lot as they become more active in Lake Worth over the next couple months.

paper wasps building a nest

What Does A Paper Wasp Look Like?

Paper wasps are not fuzzy like a honey bee, instead, they have a smooth segmented body that is usually dark brown with yellow stripes circling it. They average about 1” in length.  

Where Will You Find Paper Wasps?

Paper wasps thrive in warm climates and like to build their nests in protected areas such as under ledges, inside AC units, inside barns and sheds, under beams and supports, and even on tree limbs and inside foliage.

Why Are Paper Wasps Active In Summer?

The natural life cycle of a paper wasp makes them prone to being active in late spring through to mid-summer. In early spring, they lay their eggs; the wasps then emerge after several weeks, making them most active mid-summer. As the weather cools down, most of the colony dies off, but the queen will hibernate over the winter, only to start the cycle again the next spring.

How Can You Identify A Paper Wasp Nest?

Paper wasps are sometimes referred to as “umbrella wasps”, as their nests can look like an open, upside-down umbrella. The cone-like tubes are hollow and interconnected. The nest resembles thin paper as the wasps chew wood and plant matter mixed with their saliva to construct the nest.

Are Paper Wasps Dangerous?

Paper wasps are one of the least harmful bees, as they are not very aggressive. They can live harmoniously with humans until they are disturbed. If disturbed, they will sting and the stings can be very painful. As with other bees, some people can have a life-threatening allergic reaction to these stings.

How Can You Get Rid Of Paper Wasps?

A year-round pest control plan from Nozzle Nolen can help protect your Lake Worth home. With this plan, we help eliminate pests and control insects on your property, including stinging insects like the paper wasps. If you find yourself with a nest, or multiple nests, on your property, call us for removal as soon as possible. The larger the nest becomes, the harder it will be to remove without agitating these stinging insects. The professionals at Nozzle Nolen Pest Solutions are ready to protect your family and property from these stinging pests.


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