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I’m Not Very Fond Of Pigeons

November 12, 2015

Younger Me: “Mom, look at all the pigeons!”

Mom: “Don’t touch them, they’re dirty.”

Me: “Why are they dirty?”

Mom: “They eat poop.”

Me: “So what,” leaning into pet one.

Mom’s Guardian Angel: “Tell your son that they can carry over 6 different kinds of bacteria and 4 different kinds of viruses. And that’s not to mention the several parasites they can host.”

Mom: “Is that true?”

You’re dang right it is.  Pigeons are dangerous.  They may not bite your finger off, but they can easily spread disease.  What’s more?  They’re not naturally occurring in North America.  So they have the invasive species strike against them as well.

Pigeons are originally thought to have been brought over by European immigrants where they were bred for racing and shows.  Now, the pigeons we see in our major urban settings are the offspring of those domesticated birds.  They are feral, so no matter if the pigeons you are feeding in the park seem friendly around people, they are still not domesticated creatures so it’s best to leave them be.

In nature, pigeons typically nest and roost on cliffs and in caves, so the buildings and attics and warehouses available to pigeons in urban settings make them feel right at home; which is why most pigeons congregate around buildings in urban settings

Grain and seed is a staple of their diet that is comprised of pretty much anything.  They’re not picky eaters.  Here’s something your mom was right about, they’ve been known to pick seeds out of cattle poop.  With their love for seeds and grain, you can imagine how pigeons can present a problem to agricultural practices.  Pigeons easily can contaminate livestock feed, so it’s best to feed the livestock with special feeders that keep the pigeons out.

Pigeons will breed year-round and will nest on flat surfaces like ledges or window sills.  If you have a lot of pigeons congregating around your building, it is best to place a sloping surface on any existing flat surface to keep pigeons from nesting where a lot of humans habitat.

Why is it so important to keep the pigeons away from the human habitats?  Because they can spread disease and parasites; not to mention, the uric acid in their droppings can ruin the finish of a building or car.  Mites, ticks, and bed bugs are just a few of the parasites that can be found in pigeon nests and would easily invade a human habitat.

As mentioned before, pigeons can also transmit disease. Pigeons carry bacteria that cause: salmonella food poisoning, fowl typhoid, paratyphoid, pasteurellosis, streptococcus, tuberculosis.  They also can transfer viruses: eastern equine, St. Louis encephalitis, New Castle disease, fowl pox.

The best way to keep pigeons out of your home or buildings is to do a proper exclusion.  Placing screened panels over attic and soffit vents will do the trick.  As mentioned before, placing sloped surfaces over the flat surfaces, and also using wires will keep pigeons from nesting on your roof or window are all good exclusion practices.

Nozzle Nolen will solve your bird problem by doing a proper exclusion of your home or business, setting up the necessary trapping equipment to catch existing invaders, and cleaning up all of the bird excrement by using the proper sanitizing practices. Call Nozzle Nolen for your free inspection today!


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