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Hurricane Season In South Florida Extends Mosquito Season

October 16, 2017

Hurricane season is coming to an end, but there is still a lot more rain ahead of us. Rain can be a great thing for us, but, it can also lead to more mosquitoes. Most people don’t realize how much standing water is near or around their home or throughout the neighborhood they live in. Mosquitoes breed in standing water and unfortunately South Florida has been given excess water due to the recent hurricane and other rainstorms, and numbers are expected to continue to increase.

Recently, many areas like West Palm, Palm Beach Gardens, and Jupiter Farms have already seen and felt an increase in the population of mosquitoes. The frequent rain has created a warmer and more humid environment leading to optimal conditions for reproduction. Taking preventative measures like using DEET spray or wearing long-sleeved clothes when going outside is essential for protection at this time. However, not many people like to wear such attire when the temperature is so warm. This is another reason why you should start the protection process around your home sooner than later.

You can help reduce the number of mosquitoes breeding around your home by taking a few cautionary steps. To start, look to empty areas around your home that hold water. These areas can include clogged gutters, empty pots and containers, small pools, tarps, and even piles of wood. You can also create a breeze in your yard to keep mosquitoes away. By placing a fan around you, you can get a nice breeze to reduce your chances of getting bit.

It’s important to continue working on reducing the number of adult mosquitoes because they pose more threats than just bites. They carry pathogens and can transmit diseases like the Zika virus, Dengue fever, and Malaria, which can potentially be fatal.  Some mosquitoes can cause joint pain, fevers, and rashes. Don’t forget, they are the world’s deadliest animal. 

Using a mosquito control program is more than necessary this time of year. Due the amounts of rain and number of mosquitoes that have already been increasing, the preventative home suggestions and DEET will not be enough to stop them. Nozzle Nolen’s program will eliminate the breeding areas around your home. We will also treat the day time areas eliminating adult mosquitoes. This will help control the population and keep the breeding from occurring right in your backyard. Mosquitoes generally do not travel a far distance throughout their lifespan so using our control program will not only reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard, but also in your neighborhood.

When working with Nozzle Nolen, our trained professionals will work with you to schedule an inspection when convenient for you, treat your home, and show you how to effectively control mosquitoes after our treatment. Our control program will not only reduce the current number of mosquitoes you might have, but will also help to prevent future mosquitoes from breeding again. Whether you need a one-time application or want a seasonal protection plan, we are here to help! Contact us today to learn more about our programs and your free inspection.


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