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How to Turn Your Kitchen Into an Anti-Ant Fortress

March 16, 2020

Nothing destroys an appetite like seeing ants in the kitchen. Here are some tips to prevent it from happening from the pest control pros at Nozzle Nolen.


Florida is home to an assortment of pest insects, but one pest outnumbers them all: the ant. It lives with thousands of other ants inside an anthill, every member working together for the greater good of the colony. Once an ant gets inside your kitchen, it won't take long for others to follow the trail. Nozzle Nolen has some useful tips to help keep your kitchen safe from a nasty ant infestation.

Ants in the Kitchen? Use These Helpful Tips

Keep your food sealed.

Whether it's dry cereal or bagged sugar, it's never a good idea to leave your food in the original packaging, especially if you're storing it in your pantry. Always transfer cereals, flour, sugar, and other boxed and bagged goods to sealed containers. They not only keep the ants out but also keep the food fresher for longer.

Clean up after every meal.

Nothing lures ants to your home like food sitting out on the counter. Leaving a few dirty dishes on the counter overnight can attract ants and also other pest insects like cockroaches. Always put away your leftovers and clean up crumbs and spilled drinks from the surfaces. If you must leave food out to cool or settle, make sure to cover it with the appropriate lids.

Seal cracks and other entry points.

Ants don't magically appear inside kitchens. They find the smallest cracks and crevices to sneak into and invade your home. These entry points may go unnoticed, so it's important to conduct a thorough inspection around windows, doors, baseboards, and other areas inside and outside your home. If you're not sure where to look, give us a call. We know how to identify trouble spots and to create an impenetrable ant barrier.

Professional Pest Control for Ants

It's not uncommon to find an anthill somewhere in your yard. If it's close to your home's foundation, however, the ants could easily find a way inside your home. If you've seen ants in the kitchen, don't try to combat the infestation alone. Nozzle Nolen proudly serves Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach, and Brouward counties with top-notch pest control. We can eliminate the ants at the source and keep them from invading your kitchen and the rest of your home for good. If you’ve got ants, we should be your first call.


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