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How To Tell If You Need A Pest Control Program

March 9, 2018

Sometimes as we go through life, we live it somewhat on autopilot, getting what we need when we need it. Completing our everyday tasks with little consideration. Putting gas in the car when it gets low, or paying the home insurance on the same day each month, making that weekend run to the grocery store to pick up food for the week. Whatever it might be, it is often thoughtless. Now and again though, we come across things that we might stop to question. Do we need it, or do we not? Pest control could very well be one of those things, so here are some ways to tell if pest control is for you.

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Looking out the window to see that across the street is a termite control truck is less than a pleasing site. For a moment, your first reaction might be to feel bad for your neighbor and their poor luck. However, termites get around just fine, and if they are just across the street, tearing up the neighbor's house, you could be at risk of them tearing up yours too. Maybe you decided to move the appliances and give your home a good thorough cleaning, and find mice droppings. Many times we will just sweep these dropping up and throw them out giving them very little thought. Unfortunately, this could be a sign of a much larger problem, as it could mean many other disease-spreading mice could be hiding in other places throughout your home. Spider webs may be swept down, disposed of, and forgotten about. Not giving thought to what kind of spider it was, or how many more of them there are. All of these things are major signs of pests and should not go left alone. Doing so could result in major problems for you, your home and your family.  

Identifying pests, preventing them, and getting rid of them are extremely important, which is exactly why here at Nozzle Nolen Pest Solutions we take pride in being experts in all three. With seasons switching, weather changing, and different pests popping up throughout the year, we understand why it’s not only important to take care of the current infestation, but to continue to monitor for new ones as well. With our year-round pest control options, we do exactly that. Once we have identified the pest and addressed the issue, we will continue to return periodically to make sure pests don’t pop up unannounced. Whether you choose our Silver, Gold or Platinum Packages, you will always be protected from numerous pests, receive year-round service, regardless of the season, and not only will we focus on the inside of your home, we will also make sure to take care of the outside as well! After all, that is where most pest problems start. With our three options, we provide a free inspection and can help you decided which one is best for you depending on your specific scenario! Have questions? One of our professionals is always happy to answer them. So don’t pass over the warning signs and give pests an opportunity to invade your home. Reach out today to let Nozzle Nolen help!


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