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How To Prevent Rodents in the Home

January 26, 2018

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South Florida’s weather has cooled down tremendously and continues to stay cool. However, the colder weather is always pushing rodents indoors in search of warmth. These unwanted guests have many ways to enter homes, even through the tiniest spaces.


If you want to keep pests out this spring, inspect these four key areas of your home thoroughly, and repair as needed.


The Roof

When it comes to rodent infestation, the attic is one of the most vulnerable parts of your home. Your roof is both the first line of defense and a common point of entry for rodent entry. Rodents can gain easy access into even the smallest holes. If you have tree limbs or branches hanging over your roof, rodents can use them as a bridge to get onto the roof and from there chew their way inside.


Likewise, if your roof has open vents or chimneys, these are likely targets. If there are existing holes in the shingles, you can rest assured that rodents will find them and use them to get into the attic. For this reason, when working to rodent-proof your roof, one of the first things to look for is openings through the shingles. Repair these where possible, or enlist a roofing professional. It’s also important to inspect air vents and air stacks for any openings and repair them as quickly as possible.


Rodents in the attic will destroy any insulation they find, leaving you with another expensive repair. Prevention is always the best solution: At Nozzle Nolen, our roof proofing includes a process that will keep rodents out and stop existing problems from ever coming back.


The Attic

The roof and the attic come hand-in-hand when rodent proofing. If a rodent gets through the roof, it's almost inevitable that the vents and insulation they find in the attic will need to be repaired.


On the inside of the attic, it is important to keep the clutter to a minimum. Even though the attic tends to be used as a storage, try to keep everything organized - and avoid clutter buildup, such as boxes and newspapers, that rodents could find and use for nesting materials.


If you are looking for more ways to rodent-proof your attic, it is very important to look for areas with moisture or leaky pipes. If there is water available for the rodents, they may very well prolong their already unwelcome stay in your home.


The Garage

The garage is another area that often contains three of of the things rodent invaders are looking for: food, water, and clutter to use for nesting. In many ways, the garage is the perfect destination for attracting rodents.


You can start rodent-proofing this area by first organizing and de-cluttering, similar to the attic. The cleaner the area, the fewer places rodents have to hide. It’s also recommended to store any sources of food or trash properly. Pet food containers are a common garage target, so either take it inside or store in safe airtight containers that rodents can't chew through.


With food, safe disposal is just as important as safe storage. You might think “why trash?”, but the trash cans can very easily be chewed through, causing the garbage you throw out to become a feast for the rodents. Another common problem area in the garage is leaking pipes. Rodents are always in search of water, so leaking pipes left untreated can indirectly worsen a rodent infestation in addition to any direct water damage they might cause. Inspect the garage for any leaks and repair as quickly as possible.


You can also keep rodents out by not leaving doors open for too long. Even though the air has cooled, if doors and windows are left open for too long, the rodents are given easy access to your home.


The Yard

Your yard and landscaping are perfect ways to start with rodent-proofing. This is a space that holds water and provides a shelter. By maintaining your lawn, and reducing the excess water, rodents will go and look for a different area to stay.


Landscaping can also be beneficial to cut down tree limbs and maintain the extra overhanging branches as these are an easy entrance way for a rodent to get onto the roof (or through a window) and from there into the attic. Moving any debris or wood away from the structure of the home will also help from attracting rodents to your home, in addition to the other pests you'll repel.

There are many great tips to use to keep the rodents out of your home, but if you want long-term safety from rodent infestations, you need a professional solution. If you're a Florida homeowner looking for professional inspection or professional rodent proofing, contact us today! We want to make your home pest-free!


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