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How to Get Rid of Termites in Juno Beach

February 16, 2018

termite near a juno beach home

Termites are found in most of the country including Juno Beach, and not only are they annoying to deal with but they can cause a great amount of damage as well. Those hungry little pests are never satisfied and will just keep on eating, which is why they cause so much destruction. Even worse, most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover termite damage, so it’s imperative that you take measures to avoid a termite infestation and the associated costly repairs. 

Termites feast on wood, and they don’t really discriminate. They will chew through structural supports, cabinets, floors – anything made of wood. The chewing is not only an issue for cosmetic reasons, but they can really do damage to the structural integrity of your home; from foundations to sheds to decks and more. Termites are also clever and will permeate vinyl siding, brick exteriors, or concrete foundations to get to the wood beneath. These pests can also cause significant damage to other wooden items in your home such as furniture. 

You can take some measures on your own to try to prevent a termite infestation. Be sure to rake up all yard debris and wet leaves to try to keep the soil around your home dry and less attractive to pests, also keeping mulch and plants away from the foundation. Seal up all cracks and holes in your home to prevent termites from entering. Try to minimize the addition of wooden structures attached to your home like decorative trellises or wooden shutters. Perhaps the most valuable tip is to keep wood piles away from the house and preferably off the ground. 

Even with the best home prevention methods, it is still possible to fall victim to a termite infestation in your home. Having a pest control plan in place with your local Juno Beach pest control company is the only guaranteed way to avoid and/or treat a termite problem. An experienced pest control expert will do an inspection, share the termite treatment plan with you, and perform the treatment that best fits your situation. Nozzle Nolan guarantees their work, and if termites come back within a year after you start your plan, we will come back, too – free of charge. There is also a million-dollar guarantee against any damage, so you know you are going to be protected and can remain worry-free.


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