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How to Get Rid of Rodents in Lake Worth

March 22, 2018

Rodents are one of the most common forms of pest infestations, causing massive amounts of damage to homes annually. Don’t let their small size fool you, mice and other rodents can cause mayhem and damage that can add up to the thousands. Rodents chew. They chew on everything. Wood, plastic, metal, books, floors ceilings, walls, cars, and even priceless family heirlooms, they have no discretion. To top it off, they breed quickly, leading to a full-on infestation causing even more damage!

mouse up close in lake worth

Most damage occurs in the form of:

  • Furniture being destroyed

  • Holes/gnawed through wood, which can cause even more damage, such as structural and roof damage

  • Chewed wires, leading to fire hazards

  • Damage from feces and urine, including health issues and extensive cleaning

  • Food contamination, which leads to more health issues and the extra cost of replacing your food

Although there are many species of rodent, there are three specific breeds that are most likely to infest your home.

House Mouse

  • If you see one, there are more. The house mouse is the most common species of invasive mice.

  • Appearance - Black and/or dusty grey, 6-7 inches

  • Diet - House mice are nibblers of almost anything they can find

  • Nesting area - Dark areas, 10-30 feet from food and water sources

Roof Rat

  • Appearance - Brown/reddish brown, 13-18 inches

  • Diet - Prefer fresh fruit and plants

  • Nesting area - Around 300 feet from food and water sources, typically in attics, rooftops, and even treetops.

  • Roof rats are excellent climbers/jumpers

Norway Rat

  • Also known as black rats/ship rats

  • Appearance - Black or dark grey, 6-8 inches

  • Diet - Like house mice, they eat almost anything they can find

  • Nesting Area - Around 100 feet from food and water source, in subterranean burrows, in sewers, beneath structures

Infestation Signs

If you have seen one of these around your home, chances are there are more. If you are having trouble coming to a conclusion whether or not you have rodents, check these common infestation signs:

  • Droppings

  • Gnawed plastics, furniture

  • Holes in food containers (specifically corn, grains, and oats)

  • The smell of urine (stale smell)

  • Nesting materials (shredded paper/fabrics, dried plant materials)


Prevention is key to saving time and money. Following these easy tips can save you a headache later:

  • Seal holes (entrances) inside and outside the home

  • Clean up edible/drinkable items in the home and keep them properly sealed

  • Secure trashcan lids

  • Yearly inspections

Your best bet is hiring a professional to inspect your home and give a personal plan of action. Nozzle Nolen offers comprehensive inspections and pest control plans personalized to your situation. If you think you may be infested, or just want to ensure you don’t ever have to deal with an infestation, contact Nozzle Nolen today.


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