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How to Get Rid of Rats In Jupiter Farms

February 28, 2018

norway rat in basement

As we all know, rats are unwelcome in most places, and finding out you have a rat infestation can be pretty sobering news. A common pest, rats here in Jupiter Farms come in a couple different varieties, neither less destructive than the other. The roof rat, a sleek, darker gray colored rat that can grow to more than a foot in length, and the Norway Rat, the larger and more commonly known sewer-associated rat. Both rats are seeking similar necessities and don't mind using your property to assist them in surviving and thriving.

Rats can cause a lot of unnecessary damage, and a lot of unnecessary work. As rats seek out their necessities, they are often drawn directly to your home. Rats have teeth that are constantly growing, and because of this, they must somehow keep them from overgrowing. To do this rats chew on anything and everything they come across. Once they get into homes they easily chew through wires and insulation creating fire hazards in buildings. Chewing through belongings, leaving them completely destroyed, and through pipes and walls, causing potential water damage. A rat will have no problem finding something to chew on once they are in your home, which makes keeping them out in the first place your best option by far. Rats are also known to spread disease through urine and feces that they leave behind, making them a serious threat to you and your family. Getting rats out immediately is crucial to the upkeep of your home. 

Rats are almost always seeking out specific necessities when they invade your home. Shelter, food, and water are among the primary reasons for rat infestations, with everything else they come across just being an added bonus. Removing easy access to these resources can help dramatically decrease the risk of a rat infestation. Here are some things you can do to help:

  • Seal up holes and cracks around windows, doors and in foundations

  • If keeping trash outside, be sure to have a tight-fitting lid on the container

  • Clean up food spills quickly and thoroughly

  • Make sure to keep foods, including pet foods, in containers that are tightly sealed

  • Fix any leaking pipes and cracks in foundations to alleviate standing water

  • Remove clutter from yards and houses

  • Always make sure to keep gutters clean and free of debris

Nozzle Nolen offers services throughout Jupiter Farms with the intention of keeping it clean and safe for everyone. With the rat's ability to outsmart common traps, and many less than reliable treatment options out there, dealing with rats is often about knowledge in addition to equipment. After operating for more than 60 years, we have both the knowledge and the techniques you need. Our rodent services let you relax while a professional takes care of everything. In addition to conventional trapping methods, here are some of the other benefits to our rodent control.

  • Rodent monitoring - Ensures that all rodents are eradicated from the property and do not return in the future.

  • Sealing of access points - A professional will fix all points where a rat could get in, reassuring that once they are removed, they do can’t get back in. 

  • Removal of feces - We will remove all feces and sanitize areas in which it is found, alleviating the risk of disease being spread.

  • Replacement of contaminated insulation - As we come across insulation that was contaminated by rats we will replace it so that you don’t have to.

If you have a rat problem, call us today and set up a free inspection. One of our professionals will be happy to assess the problem and let you know exactly what you are up against. Don’t be a part of the millions of dollars of damage that rats cause each year when help is just a phone call away!


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