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How To Get Rid of Mosquitoes On Singer Island

January 24, 2018

mosquito biting skin

We are all familiar with the pesky mosquito buzzing by our ears, stopping in for a quick bite, and leaving a red, itchy mark in its path. Their annoyance alone is enough to drive some people crazy, but with mosquitoes come some much larger issues.


In order for a mosquito’s eggs to develop, the female requires blood. As it moves from host to host, animal and human alike, it can spread a wide variety of diseases, including the Zika virus, yellow fever, chikungunya, malaria, and more. The mosquito has also been linked to harmful conditions in pets, including dog heartworm, so for homeowners with families or pets, getting rid of them is always a top priority.


Considering how heavily populated mosqitoes are in Florida, getting rid of them can be a difficult - if not nearly impossible - task. As most people know, spraying a little bit of DEET here and there can help, but won't really fix the issue. Due to Singer Island’s tropical habitat, mosquitoes present a problem year-round, so here are a few tips you can use to help keep mosquito presence to a minimum.


Remove Standing Water

Mosquitoes need a standing water source in order to breed, so leaving any standing water around can make your home a target. Inspect your home for any areas where water is building up or where it could in the future, such as after a storm, and remove them. 


Pay close attention to:

  • Bird baths

  • Buckets

  • Plant pots

  • Clogged gutters

  • Mud puddles



While mosquito repellents are only a temporary solution, they are nevertheless great for keeping mosquitoes off of your clothing and skin and out of specific areas. Not all mosquito repellents are created equal, so look into repellents made with:

  • DEET

  • Citronella

  • Picaridin

  • Lemongrass


Professional Mosquito Removal

When it comes to mosquitoes, the only guaranteed method to get them out - and keep them out - is to get a pest control professional on board. While most mosquitoes never travel further than 300 yards from their original birth spot, any nearby standing water source can be a hot spot for activity, and sometimes factors outside of your control can make your home a target.


If mosquitoes are getting out of hand on your property, it may be time to give Nozzle Nolen a call. Our technicians have mosquito reduction down to a science, and can provide proven services to fend off this biting menace. We will visit your home, assessing the infestation, and by using two different reduction methods will effectively lower the number of mosquitoes around your home. The first step for mosquito control is addressing all breeding sites: reduce the breeding sites, and you reduce the number of mosquitoes that could be born.


Our mosquito control services also kills adult mosquitoes, eliminating the infestation at every stage of the lifecycle. Though getting rid of mosquitoes completely is practically impossible, making a dramatic dent in their presence is not. Our pest control professionals can not only save you from a lot of mosquito bites, but also employ extensive knowledge as to their habits, saving you time and hassle in the future. If you have a mosquito problem that is bugging you, call us today and ask about our free inspection!


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