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How to Get Rid of Ants in Hobe Sound

February 7, 2018

fire ants near hobe sound home

Ants can be so frustrating, as they will march in and take over whatever area provides them with their basic needs, that is unless we stop them. And then, just when you think they are gone, there is a new line of them marching around. This is a huge problem in Florida, and there are many invasive types of ants that homes and businesses alike have to contend with. The biggest draw of human environments is without a doubt sugary substances, but they also like it inside where they are provided with shelter, as well as the possibility of stable temperatures, humidity, and access to water.

Most Common Ants Found In Florida

  • Ghost ants are very small with dark head and thorax, and nearly translucent abdomen and legs, hence their name, and are active all year in Florida. Indoors they prefer snacks that vary from sweets to protein. Ghost ants move in a line by following each others odor trail, and you can usually find them in the kitchen or bathroom around the sinks, or on the floor. They nest under loose wallpaper, between books, and inside folded laundry. These ants are not a danger to humans nor are they destructive but are certainly a nuisance.

  • White-footed ants are also small, but brown-black in color with whitish-yellow feet and only a one-segmented waist. They are mainly active in the rainy season when the honeydew that they find irresistible flourishes. Even though they love their sweets, they also will eat other dead insects. The white-footed ants nest on the outside of structures. They are also not a danger to humans, but any colony of ants can be a pain when living in close proximity to humans.

  • Big-headed ants are another small ant that comes in various shades of red, brown, or pale yellow. They are active most of the year because of their endurance to all weather conditions. They are usually less active around January and February due to lack of food. They primarily eat fatty foods and proteins like peanut butter, but they also like their sweets. Big-headed ants normally like to live on lawns and plant beds, and you won’t usually find them indoors, but rather along driveways, sidewalks, and foundations. They also can make mud tubes like termites, but theirs are not as well made as the mud tubes termites create. Again, these ants are just nuisance pests.

  • Black crazy ants are active in Florida throughout the year. They are about 1/8” long and have a bit longer legs than most other ants. These ants are crazy for greasy and sweet foods, and can quickly cover an entire piece of food in no time. They can be found outside among rocks, mulch, and leaf litter. Indoors they run along the edge of carpets and baseboards. They can have unorganized trails up to 100’ long. They are another nuisance pest but can be rather scary in how quickly they swarm to food.

  • Caribbean crazy ants are red-brown to gold-brown in color with a smooth glossy surface. They run about swiftly but erratically, hence the name “crazy”. They are a year-round problem and they are attracted to honeydew and dead insects. They travel along buildings and sidewalks in very large numbers, making these ants a huge nuisance pest.

  • Florida carpenter ants are large, and they are mostly a red-orange color with a black front section. These ants are often confused with termites and can do some serious damage to the structure of a home. Unlike termites though, these ants excavate wood rather than eat it. They burrow into wood leaving saliva, sawdust, and feces behind. They like to eat sweets, dead insects, and honeydew. Carpenter ants are wood destroying pests, that can do a lot of damage before anyone sees them, and the damages can be very costly, making them a serious problem for property owners.

  • Fire ants can range in size. They are a dark brown to red in color, which is part of why they are called fire ants. They are active all year long and like warm humid places that have a lot of rain. They snack on all kinds of foods, like meat, other insects, sugar, grease, and fruit. They make dome-shaped mounds to protect their colony. These mounds are full of protective workers that will immediately emerge and attack anyone that disturbs them. This type of ant can quickly cover anyone or anything that they feel is a threat. Fire ants inject a venom that can cause serious illness or even death in people or pets that are allergic. These ants pose the greatest personal risk to people in the Hobe Sound area, and you should seek medical attention right away if an allergic reaction occurs.

Getting rid of ants and their entire colonies is a difficult task, and if you are experiencing carpenter or fire ants, you will want them gone immediately and entirely. You will also want to be assured they will not return. The only way to do that is to contact a professional pest control service in your area. In Hobe Sound, Florida, Nozzle Nolen Pest Solutions has just the right year-round residential program that will suit your needs and budget. Give us a call for more information today!


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