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How To Avoid Fleas & Ticks This Summer

July 30, 2018

Summer is the time of year to get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer. However, it is also the perfect time for fleas and ticks to get inside our Lake Worth homes. Fortunately for us, there are a few things we can do about this. Here are some tips that will help you avoid fleas and ticks this summer.

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Simple Flea Prevention

  • Veterinarian-prescribed flea products are vital if you have a pet. Pets can bring fleas into your home and spread them around.

  • Fleas don't usually choose humans as hosts, so you typically don't have to worry about picking them up when you go out into your yard. But, if you have pets, it is important to reduce conditions in your yard that allow flea populations to grow. Since wildlife can bring these parasites into your yard, your prevention efforts should focus on wildlife management. See the wildlife management section below for these tips.

Simple Tick Prevention

  • If you have pets, make sure you have applied veterinarian-prescribed tick products to them. Also, make sure to perform regular tick checks on your pets.

  • Unlike fleas, ticks will choose human hosts. They cling to the legs and climb up until they find a place to latch onto the skin. To deter this and help reduce your risk of contracting tick-borne diseases, spray insect repellent on your legs and perform tick checks after spending time outdoors.

  • Wear light colors, so you can see ticks as they climb up your body to find an area of skin to attach to.

  • Stay away from grassy areas, shaded locations, and hanging vegetation to avoid questing ticks.

Wildlife Management

  • Keep outside trash in sealed containers.

  • Put fencing around gardens, berry bushes, and fruit trees.

  • Consider creating a fenced area to keep your pets in and wildlife out.

  • Move bird feeders away from your exterior walls as birds can bring ticks into your yard as well.

  • Be aware that rodents are the greatest threat when it comes to the spread of fleas and ticks as they don't just bring them into your yard, they carry them right into your home! Seal any holes and strengthen vulnerable locations that rodents could use to enter your home to avoid them introducing these pests into your home.

Services For Fleas & Ticks In Lake Worth

If you are struggling with flea and tick problems, don't turn to dangerous and often ineffective DIY control methods; instead, contact an experienced pest control professional! To control fleas and ticks in Lake Worth, the professionals at Nozzle Nolen Pest Solutions offer ongoing pest control services to treat for fleas and ticks. We also offer industry-leading rodent control and interior pest treatments to complete the flea and tick control process! To learn more about our residential pest control packages and how Nozzle Nolen can rid your Lake Worth home and property fleas, ticks, rodents, and more, contact us today!


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