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How Termite Control Works

August 28, 2017

Termites can cause extensive damage to your home and surrounding property. It is estimated that the damage from termites costs billions of dollars each year, a serious threat to one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime, and one most insurance companies do not cover. Rather than repair your home after termite damage has occurred, it makes better financial sense to prevent termite infestations from happening in the first place.

Where Did the Termites Come From?

Termites are attracted to food sources (the wood in and around your home) and moisture to survive. Areas where moisture condenses from rain, or even an air conditioning unit, can be a prime location for a termite colony to target. Termites can enter a structure through soft or water-damaged wood and will quickly get to work building massive colonies. In many cases, you don’t see the termites directly, only the damage they leave behind.

Some evidence that you have termites may include constructed mud tubes on the outside of your home, which allows termites to safely travel from the moist dirt surface to your home without drying out. There may also be evidence of termite droppings around the perimeter of your home, which look like wood-colored pellets. Because it can be difficult to spot the termites themselves, a professional inspection is necessary to locate the colonies. A colony can produce enough eggs to create large populations and in a few years’ time, this can lead to significant damage to your home.

Types of Termite Control Treatments

Drywood termites nest in wood above ground and require professional help for complete elimination. They eat constantly and can destroy the structure of your home and even your wooden furniture within it. The most effective treatment for a current drywood termite infestation is fumigation. Nozzle Nolen offers tent fumigation, vault fumigation, and tentless options as well.

For subterranean termite infestations, treatment is handled differently. The colonies need soil to survive. They travel away from the nest to feed and return with food for the colony. As a result, subterranean infestations require underground treatment plans to eliminate the colonies. Bait stations are placed around your property with effective ingredients to kill off the termites. Stations are monitored until the colony collapses (usually in 4 months or less).

To protect your home from termite damage, invest in pest control services, which will continue to monitor the current colonies and prevent new ones from being established. It is also important to do regular home inspections around your home for moist or water-damaged wood, which invite the termites in. Remove standing wood piles away from your home and keep the perimeter of your home appropriately landscaped. Ensure all areas of standing water are kept dry. During our initial inspection process, we can point out areas of concern to ensure termites are unable to get back into your home after treatment is completed.


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