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How Long Will Mosquitoes Stay Active in Lake Worth?

September 28, 2018

While some would say that mosquitoes in South Florida are active year round, this isn't actually true. We do see a little bit of a break in December, January, and sometimes February. But you can expect mosquitoes to be busy between March and November. That means it isn't too late to do something about mosquito populations in your yard. Here are two ways you can impact the number of mosquitoes biting you in your backyard.

Year-round mosquito prevention centers on controlling breeding sites. Why? Because a typical mosquito isn't going to travel much further than a few hundred yards in its entire life. That means that most of the mosquitoes that bite you in your yard are from your yard. If you can prevent this reproduction process from occurring, you'll have fewer mosquitoes. It's not magic. It's cold hard science.

mosquito biting skin in lake worth

How do you prevent mosquitoes from reproducing? The key factors for mosquito reproduction are standing water and high humidity, both of which are in abundance in the Lake Worth area. Some standing water resources can be removed. Some can be altered so that they no longer collect rainwater. Some can be routinely drained to stop the development of mosquitoes. And some can have a larvicide applied to make them unsuitable as a breeding site. Let's talk about each.

If you have objects in your yard that capture rainwater, the simple answer is to stow those items inside, if you can. This will prevent them from becoming a breeding ground. Keep in mind that a mosquito can breed in a half cup of water.

If you have objects in your yard, such as a swing, lawn chair, table, etc., you may be able to prevent the collection of water by drilling a hole to allow the water to channel to the ground. This works for items that won't become useless when a hole is drilled in them. Obviously.

If you have a kiddie pool, a birdbath, or some other item that holds water, it is possible to prevent mosquito reproduction by changing the water at least weekly. When you dump the water out, you dump the mosquito larvae and pupa along with it. They don't live long after the water dries up.

If you have a pond, or some other water resource that is difficult to empty and fill again, it may be necessary to have a pest controller apply a larvicide to prevent the development of mosquitoes.

Here are a few more ways you can prevent stagnant-water mosquito-breeding sites:

  • Fix or clean out gutter systems.
  • Repair outside spigots that have begun to leak.
  • Repair any leaky hoses in your yard.
  • Fill in holes that capture rainwater.
  • Loosen compacted soil or create a gradient to prevent rainwater collection.
  • Trim tree branches to let the sun dry areas that have excessive shade.

The more you do to prevent stagnant water, the fewer mosquitoes you'll have in your yard. But mosquitoes can still come into your yard from neighboring yards. How do you fix that? You can't really fix it without applying a knockdown agent. It is best to have a professional do this for you.

Why a professional?

  • A professional uses products, which are created to target simple organisms, such as mosquitoes—so your kids and your pets aren't going to get sick from the routine treatments that are applied to your yard and your foundation perimeter.
  • A professional knows where mosquitoes rest in your yard and what locations need to be treated.
  • A professional knows how to apply these treatments so that they aren't ineffective.
  • A professional knows how much product to use.

When you have a pro do it, you don't have to think about it. Life can get busy, and it is easy to put something like mosquito control on the back burner.
Professionals have the gear to get the job done.

A licensed professional will follow all safety guidelines set forth by the government.

Why does mosquito control work?

When you get seasonal mosquito control, you use the laziness of mosquitoes against them. Since mosquitoes don't travel far, when they hide in your yard and die, it takes more and more time for new mosquitoes to replace the ones that are being eliminated. So, you can be sitting in your backyard enjoying the evening, while someone down the street can't step outside without being mobbed by mosquitoes.

If you'd like to learn more about mosquito control in Lake Worth, get started right here. Mosquito season isn't over yet. Get your mosquito control in place today.


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