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How Bed Bugs Could Get into Your Tequesta Home This Fall

October 16, 2018

We could spend days talking about all the ways that bed bugs could get into your Tequesta home this fall. Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers, and there’s almost nothing that will stop them from moving from one place to the next in search of their next blood meal. Let’s focus on some of the most common ways bed bugs can get inside your house, some of the common mistakes that people make with these pests, and when to call a professional for help!

bed bug after a meal in a tequesta home

How Bed Bugs Get In

There is an endless number of ways bed bugs can get into your Tequesta home. Here are the most common:

  • Traveling and bringing bed bugs home from an infested hotel in your suitcase
  • Using public transportation and picking up bed bugs in your clothing or personal items like purses or briefcases
  • Visiting the library or bookstore and bringing home bed bugs in the pages of the books
    Through your children’s backpacks or school books
  • From your young adult’s laundry as they bring it home from a bed bug-infested dorm room
  • From friends or family visiting and bringing them in their belongings

Some Mistakes You May be Making to Attract Bed Bugs

The reality is there isn’t anything you can do that particularly attracts bed bugs. They aren’t attracted to dirty homes or clutter. They aren’t selective when it comes to finding a blood meal. However, you might be making a few mistakes that can make you more susceptible to a bed bug infestation. The number one mistake people make is not inspecting their lodging arrangements away from home. Whether this is a hotel room, vacation rental home, dorm room, or friends’ home you should always inspect the bed and surrounding areas such as behind the headboard, in drawers, and in and around cracks in trim, outlets and peeling wallpaper or paintings before you settle in. A little due diligence can go a long way in preventing an infestation when you return home. Getting in the habit of inspecting your bags and children’s bags when returning home from outings can help.

When to Call a Professional

There is only one answer to the question: “When should you call a professional?” Immediately! The sooner you can begin treatment for a bed bug infestation, the easier it is to contain. At Nozzle Nolen, our certified pest management professionals have the training and experience to eliminate your bed bug problem. Don’t waste time with DIY treatments, call us today so we can help you sleep peacefully without bed bugs in your Tequesta home this fall.


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