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Heat Kills Bed Bugs in a Single Treatment

October 18, 2016

bed bug found in carpet

Are you familiar with the most effective way to kill bed bugs in a single treatment? No, it is not a new stronger than strong pesticide! It is something much simpler. Heat! That’s right; we said ‘heat’. Bed bugs cannot survive high temperatures which makes heat a bed bugs worst enemy. At Nozzle Nolen we have developed a simple and effective heat treatment plan to completely get rid of bed bugs from South Florida properties!

Before we dive into how we get rid of these parasitic pests, we want to provide you with a little background information about them. Hundreds of years ago bed bugs were a very common pest. Most everybody came into contact with them at one point or another, but then in the 1950’s they were almost completely eradicated. How? DDT! DDT was being used widespread during that time, and that chemical all but wiped them out. However, DDT was eventually discontinued; and by the late 1990’s, the bed bugs bounced back. Lack of DDT isn’t all to blame though; many also believe that the resurgence was helped by how easy and affordable travel has become - especially international travel.

Bed bugs are found thriving in areas with high human occupancy - hotels, motels, hospitals, movie theaters, airports, and even libraries can be prone to bed bug infestations. Anyone can come into contact with bed bugs while out in public. They are sneaky creatures that hitchhike onto unsuspecting people and their belongings and are then carried into homes. A bed bug infestation can truly happen to anyone. Bed bugs do not discriminate. If they happen to find their way into your Florida home, don’t worry. The bed bug professionals at Nozzle Nolen can get rid of them with one very effective and 100% green heat treatment!

How does heat work? It is pretty simple. Bed bugs just can’t survive high temperatures. Any temperature higher than 114 ͦF will cause bed bugs to literally fall apart. Their exoskeleton will deteriorate, and they die. It’s as simple as that. Heat isn’t only effective against adults; it also kills their eggs and larvae. It can’t get any easier. One heat treatment from the pros at Nozzle Nolen, and your Florida property will be bed bug free!

Our effective bed bug heat treatment is accomplished through a simple four step process.

  1. Our professionals break down and vacuum all the furniture and beds to get rid of all visible bed bugs, eggs, and skins.

  2. Furniture is arranged so that the heat can evenly penetrate it.

  3. Special heaters are placed and monitored by our specially trained technicians and infested rooms are safely heated to temperatures between 120° F and 135° F. That temperature is then maintained for three hours.

  4. After the heat treatment, a crack and crevice dry steam treatment is performed on all heavy furniture joints, baseboards, moldings, and like objects.

If bed bugs have found their way into your South Florida home, contact the bed bug control experts at Nozzle Nolen today! Our experts would be happy to help you learn more about the safe and eco-friendly process of beating these invasive parasitic pests with heat!


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