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Halloween Pests, More Than Just Spooky Holiday Decorations

October 31, 2017

child wearing halloween costume

October is known for Autumn and pumpkins, but it’s also known for Halloween and the spooky things in life. The only time we’d allow these pests in or around our home is when we are trying to scare our friends. There’s a reason these pests are used for Halloween decorations, and here’s why:

Cockroaches have been around since dinosaurs roamed the Earth! They have been around for millions of years and there are now over 4,000 species around the world. They can live just about anywhere and eat just about anything while holding potential health issues if they are in your home. Cockroaches can spread around 33 different types of bacteria. They can also spread diseases like Salmonella, E. Coli, and Streptococcus. Cockroaches are nocturnal insects and will hide during the day to protect themselves. At night, they will scatter around in search of food, while possibly contaminating the areas they are moving around.

We use rodents as scary decorative tools, but in reality, they make us feel the same way when unexpectedly spotted in our homes. Rodents have the ability to squeeze through the smallest spaces, making any desired location possible. They can get into your home through vents, attics, windows, and ceilings. Rodents also pose health threats when roaming around your home. They carry diseases and allergens with them and can spread these through urine or their bites. Rodents can also cause damage to your home. They never stop chewing, so they will chew on wood and even the wiring in your home, possibly leading to fires.

Flies are cute if caught in your spooky spider-web decorations, but can cause serious health issues. House flies and fruit flies can both carry and spread bacteria and pathogens. They can cause health issues if they spread that bacteria onto what you eat. Fruit flies are usually found around decaying fruits and vegetables, dirty dishes, or even the trash. Typically, you can find house flies in areas with a warm environment around things like the garbage and animal feces. Even though these flies don’t bite, horse flies will. They can spread bacteria through those bites causing allergic reactions or even lead to infections. Horse flies are usually found around livestock and moist woody areas.

Another decoration we use are vampires, but we could dress them up in bed bug costumes instead! Bed bugs only live off the blood they suck from the hosts. They can hide in just about any part of your home. Bed bugs will hide during the day, moving from place to place around your home, and will come out looking for food during the night. Common places these pests like to hide are in cracks of walls, in wallpaper, and electrical outlets. They are not known for carrying diseases like these other spooky pests, but still bite. These bites are similar to a mosquito bite and can leave that itchy feeling.

Don’t let these pests become more than just a scary decoration. If you feel spooked in your home and need professional help removing these pests, contact us today or request a free inspection!


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