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Going Green in Port St. Lucie

April 23, 2018

If you take one look around Port St. Lucie, you will quickly see why being environmentally conscious is so important. With the beautiful blue ocean, endless sandy beaches, and extensive greenery, residents want to maintain this stunning and unique environment. A big part of being friendly to the environment is making sure that when eliminating pests on our property and in our homes we aren’t doing anything that could be considered harmful to the nature around us.

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By investing in green pest control, residents of Port St. Lucie can make sure that they are protecting their beautiful home. What exactly is green pest control? In the pest control world, in order to be a “green service” or a “green product”, the company must be actively working to reduce the impact on the environment. For example, here at Nozzle Nolen we recycle, use naturally derived materials, and are constantly working on our formulas to increase absorption, reducing the amount of run-off. We go by three guiding principles: 1. We take specific, proactive actions to solve pest issues within our local environment; 2. We seek to use the most permanent solutions with the least amount of material, waste, and disruption to the environment; and 3. We aggressively explore and implement alternatives, innovation, technology, and advances in materials and methodology to reduce or replace pesticide use. What this all boils down to is that Nozzle Nolen actively works for and supports the sustainability of our earth.

Nozzle Nolen recommends that Port St. Lucie home and business owners take advantage of our green pest control services and sign up for one of our year-round pest protection packages. The biggest benefit of doing this is that you can be sure that your home is always protected and can avoid expensive repairs from damages that pests can cause. Whether you choose our Silver, Gold, or Platinum package, you’ll receive at least bimonthly services. During each service visit, one of our trained team members will inspect your property and put in place any prevention strategies that they think are needed. They will also teach you how to implement strategies that you can do in your daily life. You’ll also have the additional relief of knowing that you’ve invested in a pest control company that is “Green Shield Certified” by the Integrated Pest Management Institute of North America. We are the only pest control company in Florida that offers this benefit. Let’s protect your beautiful home of Port St. Lucie together—contact us at Nozzle Nolen to go green today.


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