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Flies, Flies, Everywhere Flies

July 24, 2018

There are few pests that are as irritating as flies. When they get inside our homes, they have several ways of driving us crazy. It might be as simple as landing on a sandwich we're about to eat. Or worse, landing in the ketchup or mayonnaise as we're making the sandwich. It could be the way they climb on the television or computer screen while we're trying to watch a movie. And, of course, there is that wonderful habit they have of landing on the rim of a cup after exploring the rim of the trash can in the kitchen — yuck! We could go on about all the ways these pests can be a nuisance inside homes, but you probably get the point. Flies are frustrating. Even if these pests didn't have the ability to make us sick from the harmful bacteria they spread, they would still be annoying and irritating to have around. Not only that, flies can have negative effects on both Tequesta homes and businesses! Fortunately, there are a few things Tequesta home and business owners can do to deter these pests from invading.

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Flies enter homes or businesses because something attracted them. Flies are especially drawn to food sources like open trash cans or dumpsters, so trash cans should be covered with tight-fitting lids and dumpsters should be kept a distance away from exterior walls. It is also important to remove trash on a regular basis and clean receptacles periodically.

Flies are also attracted to the feces left from other flies. Washing exterior walls with a spray can help to reduce fly feces and make them less inviting to flies.

Like we said, flies love food. In addition to trash, fruits and vegetables, especially if they are rotting, are attractive to flies as well. When fruit falls from a tree, it can quickly become an attractant for flies, so picking up any fallen fruit in and around your yard can help to keep flies away. When you purchase fruit from the store, consider storing it in the fridge instead of in a bowl on a table and throwing it out if it shows signs of rot. This will help to keep fruit flies from invading your home.

Another food source flies are attracted to is the remains of dead animals. If you're seeing a lot of flies swarming outside of your home, do an inspection and remove any animal remains you find.

Compost is also an attractant for flies, so keep any compost bins stored a distance away from exterior walls to avoid drawing flies to your home.

It is also important to keep in mind that potted plants and landscaping can be attractive to fungus gnats.

Flies are a present threat throughout Florida and can be found just about anywhere. If flies are infesting your Tequesta home or business, consider partnering with the South Florida pest management professional at Nozzle Nolen to eliminate them. We can offer suggestions to control and reduce flies and assist you with trusted treatment options that will help to fully exclude flies. Flies aren't just a nuisance, they are a health threat that no South Florida business or family needs. Contact us at Nozzle Nolen to learn more!


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