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Flies Causing Problems For Local Businesses

May 15, 2018

The topic of fly control is a complicated one. There are many kinds of flies in South Florida and each business deals with the threat of flies differently. The goal of this article will be to give a broad understanding of the threat flies pose and how a pest control plan works to address these threats. See how the following apply to your business.

fly in a commercial facility

Customer Impact

From large food distributors to mobile food carts, flies can be a source of contamination. Flies feed on carrion and get into trash and other dirty locations. When they do, they pick up harmful bacteria and carry it to food items.

  • A pest control plan will address attractants, help to create barriers, monitor fly pressures, and trap flies so your business has as few flies as possible.

Employee Impact

If your business does not serve customers, flies can still have an impact. The presence of flies can lead to an increase in employee sick days and a drop in employee morale.

  • Studies have shown that businesses that maintain a pest-free work environment make more money than businesses that do not. Happy employees are more profitable. A pest control plan is a morale booster.

Fly Bites

Some flies bite. If your business has outdoor areas, a large presence of biting flies can make customers miserable and drive them elsewhere.

  • Not only can you counteract the bad impression biting flies can create with customers, you can foster goodwill by posting signage that lets your customers know that you have invested in pest control for their comfort and safety.

Customer Approval

Flies cause different levels of annoyance. Dealing with flies in a hotel room isn't quite the same as waving them off of your food while dining at a restaurant. But annoyance, no matter what level, can affect customer approval and lead to a bad review on social media.

  • A pest control plan is brand protection. Do you remember a time when you had to worry about a newspaper critic coming into your business? In this age of social media, every customer has the potential to affect your business like a newspaper critic.

Flies have a much wider impact than many business owners realize. They aren't just a problem for restaurants and grocery stores deal with.

At Nozzle Nolen, we offer businesses in South Florida the highest level of pest protection. Our team is Green Shield Certified by the IPM Institute of North America and experienced in advanced Integrated Pest Management practices. Reach out to us to request a free inspection, and give your business the protection it needs from flies and other harmful pests.


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