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Fleas Attacking Port St. Lucie Pets

May 25, 2018

It’s that time of year where fleas are actively attacking pets in Port St. Lucie again. Your poor pet can get skin infections and other diseases from the bites of fleas, on top of them being itchy and annoying. Don’t let fleas torment your pets this spring. Nozzle Nolen can help you keep your pets and your family protected from fleas.

dog with fleas

The biggest concern with flea bites is that they itch. Your pets will feel uncomfortable and will scratch to try to get some relief. Multiple flea bites can cause intense itching which can lead to excessive scratching and can cause hair loss and infected patches. As if that wasn’t bad enough, some animals can have an allergic reaction to the saliva of the flea which can cause flea bite dermatitis.  

Tapeworms are another risk associated with fleas. When your pets ingest a flea, which they can if they bite at them to try to relieve itching. When a pet has a tapeworm, it can cause weight loss and an itchy rear end. You might notice the tell-tale scooting along the ground as your pet tries to relieve the discomfort.  

Fleas like to make themselves at home on the animals they inhabit so they can lay eggs, leaving the infestation cycle to repeat itself time and time again. It’s always important to talk to your vet about proper prevention and treatment of fleas for your pet. They can recommend medications and collars that can help keep fleas away from your pets or treat an active infestation. Unfortunately, even with collars and medications fleas can still be a problem. They can hitch a ride on your pet and then hop off on an unprotected animal or nearby human. While fleas don’t live on humans, they will bite if they are looking for a meal. Flea eggs can take up to 30 days to hatch, so even if your pet is protected, if their medication or collar loses effectiveness, they may become infested as new fleas hatch almost a month later.  

The long-life cycle and year-round activity in the warm climate of Port St. Lucie make fleas a tough pest to get rid of. Nozzle Nolen Pest Solutions can help you. We will do a pest inspection and determine the root cause of your flea problem. We’ll give you tips to prepare for a treatment and steps to take afterward to help get rid of and keep remaining fleas away. Don’t let your beloved pet become a snack for annoying little fleas. At the first signs of fleas, and even before, consult the experts to get your flea problem under control with a year-round pest control program


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