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Flea Prevention Tips For Port St. Lucie Homes

April 25, 2018

Fleas may be extremely small pests, but they can be a big concern for Port St. Lucie homeowners. No one wants a flea infestation in their home. They are very annoying and leave itchy, red welts on our legs and ankles. Fleas aren’t just frustrating for us—they cause skin irritation and pose a risk for other illnesses on our beloved pets. Now is the perfect time of year for homeowners to take action against fleas. So, let’s talk about some prevention strategies to protect your home, family, and furry friends. 


The most common way that fleas get inside homes is by hitching a ride on animals. If you own a pet, this is where flea prevention starts. The goal is to keep fleas from using your pet as a host. Flea prevention can come in the form of collars, topicals, medications, and more. Talk to your veterinarian about what may work best for you and your pet. Outside pets are more likely to become infested, as fleas usually live in your yard, particularly in grassy areas. If you have one of these prevention methods in place, fleas will still hop onto the host (aka your pet) but will shortly die from contact with the medication. 

While pets are usually where a flea infestation starts, homes that don’t have any furry friends can become infested by fleas, too. This brings us to ways to limit the amount of fleas in your yard as much as possible. Similarly to how our pets become hosts to fleas, wildlife are one way that fleas would get onto your property. You should consider putting up a fence that could limit the amount of wildlife coming in. Food, water, and trash attract wild animals so it’s important to reduce the amount of these as much as possible. Additionally, keeping your yard trimmed is always a good idea—it eliminates that hiding spot for fleas and your property will also become less attractive to wildlife. You should also keep in mind that any rodents and other wildlife that get into your home could bring fleas inside with them. The best prevention strategy for homeowners is to invest in year-round pest control services to continually be proactive against pests and wildlife—which bring fleas with them. 

Residents of Port St. Lucie can rely on Nozzle Nolen. We are a local pest control company that can offer a variety of prevention techniques and control solutions that are environmentally friendly and safe for all members of the family, including your beloved furry friends. We also offer ways to keep wildlife out without having to necessarily alter your yard, which can be a big deal for many homeowners. All of our year-round plans offer at least bimonthly services and include protection against numerous pests in addition to fleas. Contact us at Nozzle Nolen today to keep away those annoying fleas!


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