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Five W’s and an H About Ghost Ants

November 4, 2016

ghost ant picture

Nozzle’s Lena Duenas answers questions about ghost ants including what they look like, where they infest, and how you can get rid of ghost ants in this edition of the Pest Peeves blog.


 What do ghost ants look like?

Ghost ants are small with pale-colored abdomens and legs.

What do ghost ants eat?

Ghost ants eat the honeydew substance that is secreted by aphids.  However, when they are indoors, ghost ants will look for anything that is sugary or sweet as a food source.


When are ghost ant infestations more likely to occur? 

Since ghost ants thrive in warmer climates, infestations are more common in the summer.  However, they do not happen exclusively in the summer.


Whom do ghost ants affect?

Ghost ants are considered tropical ants and they are found all over the southern region of Florida. In the Stuart, Palm Beach, and Broward County areas there are many people who leave their homes empty for the summer and return in the winter; these snowbirds are the most vulnerable to ghost ant infestations because they are not around to protect there homes during the warmer months.   


Where do ghost ants prefer to inhabit? 

Ghost ants prefer to inhabit places with adequate moisture that are near a sugary food source.

Where are ghost ants most commonly found in your home? 

If ghost ants have infested your home, then you will probably find them in and around your kitchen and bathrooms.


Why are ghost ant infestations difficult to treat?

Ghost ants are very difficult to get rid because they have multiple nests both inside and outside your home.  Plus, you have to find all of their points of entry, which can be teeny-tiny! It is much easier to hire a professional who knows what to look for and how to take care of it once and for all.

Why should you be concerned about ghost ants?

The biggest concerns with a ghost ant infestation are that it is unsanitary and bothersome.  Even though ghost ants pose no serious health risk, who would want to live such annoying little squatters?


How can you detect a ghost ant infestation?

It is pretty easy.  If you find a line of ants marching through your kitchen, then you can be pretty certain that you have an infestation.

How can you get rid of ghost ants that have infested your home?

The best thing to do when you detect a ghost ant infestation is to call your friendly neighborhood pest control company and have them take care of it for you.  Make the call as soon as possible because it does not take long for the ghost ants to multiply and spread.  Unfortunately, the pest control companies can only do so much, it takes a team effort to keep ghost ants out for good; proper lawn care is necessary to prevent future infestations and that part is up to the homeowners.

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