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Five W's And An H About Fruit Flies

October 27, 2016

fruit fly on orange peel

Follow along as Lena Duenas of Nozzle Nolen discusses the What, Who, When, Where, Why and How of fruit flies in South Florida. 


What do fruit flies eat?
Fruit flies eat decaying matter.  Their diet consists of decomposing organic materials; they are often attracted to rotting fruits and vegetables, which is where their name comes from.

What are signs of a fruit fly infestation?
The most visible sign of a fruit fly infestation are the adult flies that buzz around the kitchen and trash cans where there is decaying fruits or vegetables.  They can also be seen flying around liquor or beer bottles or any open containers of alcohol.


Who is most threatened by a fruit fly infestation?
Restaurant owners are most threatened by a fruit fly infestation because it can negatively affect their business and livelihood.  Fruit fly sightings in restaurants will disgust patrons and discourage them from returning.


When are fruit flies most active?
Fruit flies thrive in warm temperatures, so their populations tend to climb in the summer and they peak during harvest time.  Unfortunately, when indoors, fruit flies can be active throughout the entire year.


Where do fruit flies prefer to reproduce?
Fruit flies choose to reproduce and develop in moist environments with organic matter and standing water.

Where are fruit flies most commonly found in your home?
When living inside your home, fruit flies are most commonly seen in the kitchen because they are attracted to the sugary, organic materials that can often be found there.


Why should you be concerned about fruit flies?
The biggest concern with fruit flies is that they are nuisances.  Even though they do not bite or sting, they do indeed pose some health risks: if they hang around long enough, then they are able to spread bacteria to the surfaces that they land on.  Another health risk is that some people experience a minor allergic reaction to fruit flies. All things considered, the most common complaint about fruit flies is that they are annoying pests to have flying around your kitchen.

Why are fruit fly infestations difficult to get rid of?
Fruit fly infestations are difficult to get rid of because of their ability to reproduce quickly.  It’s hard to keep up!


How do you get rid of fruit flies?
The best thing you can do when trying to get rid of a fruit fly infestation is to first get rid of their feeding and breeding grounds.  Make sure that you get rid of any overripe fruits and take your trash out regularly.  If fruit flies do not have feeding and breeding grounds, then they will eventually die out.  If you don’t want to wait the time it takes for them to die out, then there are some do-it-yourself fruit fly traps that you could make for a temporary fix.  One example of these do-it-yourself traps is to mix a couple drops of dish soap with vinegar in bowl and then leave this vinegar solution on the counter near to where you see a lot of fruit flies congregating; the vinegar solution will attract the fruit flies and then kill them upon contact.   Of course, another option would be to hire Nozzle Nolen for a safe and efficient treatment to get rid of the infestation.

If you have any questions about fruit flies or if you are interested in our pest control services available in Jupiter, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach as well as South Florida from Sebastian to Deerfield Beach, please call one of our Nozzle Nolen representatives at (888) 685-0376.


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