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Five Mistakes You Could Be Making To Attract Fruit Flies

September 11, 2018

How can such a small pest be such a big problem? Have you dealt with fruit flies? Walking through swarms of them on your way to make breakfast? Waving them away from that beautiful burger you just finished cooking on the grill? Slapping them off every surface in a never-ending attempt at unachievable victory? It’s like there is no way out! How can you fight something so small? Especially when there seems no end to their numbers?! Here are 5 common mistakes we often make when it comes to fruit flies.

fruit fly
  • One common misconception is that screens on windows and doors prevent all bugs from entering your home. Unfortunately, with fruit flies being so small, it only takes the smallest rip or tear for them to gain access. Consider routinely examining your screens for any potential points of entry.

  • Fruit fly eggs are nearly impossible to spot. Often fruit fly eggs will piggyback their way into homes atop fresh fruits. Once in, these future fruit flies can spawn into several unwanted guests. Consider storing fresh produce inside your refrigerator to prevent eggs from hatching.

  • Since fruit flies can, as their name suggests, fly, gaining entrance into your home is as easy as flying through your front door. Consider keeping any unscreened doors and windows shut as much as possible.

  • Uncovered trash cans outside your home filled with tasty rotting foods, which fruit flies enjoy, oh so much, are a like a beacon. Consider sealing trash bins with tight-fitting lids. This will remove this beacon from your property.

  • Fruit flies are attracted to the carbohydrates in rotting organic material and will use them as a breeding site as well as food. That rotting apple your kids snuck into your sofa weeks ago, that puddle of juice hiding behind that same sofa from game night, maybe a half a banana left in the bathroom trash can... It is important to seek out potential breeding sites to eliminate fruit flies at their source.

Sometimes small things can be big problems, and with so many ways for fruit flies to get into your home, often DIY solutions just aren’t enough. But don’t worry, Nozzle Nolen can help! Our friendly professionals have the perfect program designed to fit your pest needs. Sometimes small problems have simple solutions. Let us help.


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