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Fall Prep for Squirrel Season in Port St. Lucie

October 19, 2018

Squirrels are one type of animal that is incredibly common, so benign in fact that most people barely pay attention to them most of the time. Perhaps, occasionally, one runs across the road while you are driving or scampers up a tree as you are enjoying your backyard, but you barely pay any mind. But then one day you hear something running through your attic or scratching inside your walls. You are pretty sure it’s a squirrel and suddenly you take notice. Squirrels outside don’t cause much harm, but squirrels inside your home can create a lot of damage and are a major nuisance.

squirrel in port st. lucie

In Port St. Lucie as fall approaches squirrels have an instinct to start gathering food for the cooler month. While we don’t see the temperature shifts here in Florida like in other parts of the country, the availability of food can shift as the seasons change and squirrels’ stock up on what they can. They also look for places to nest.
Squirrels can get inside your home through the eaves, chimney, cracks or openings in and around the foundation, doors, and windows, and will even gnaw their way inside creating their own entrance. Not only is this a problem for you because squirrels are getting in, but they also create entryways for other nuisance pests to invade your home. 
Squirrels can do a great deal of damage to your Port St. Lucie home. As they scamper about, they leave a trail of their droppings everywhere. Squirrel droppings can transmit disease to your pets and family members. Squirrels also like to nest in your insulation. As they do this they are creating a mess as well as costing you hard-earned money in heating and cooling costs. Squirrels also do damage by chewing your belongings and have even been known to chew through wires causing electrical problems.
Avoiding squirrels in your home can be challenging but some basic things you can do are: eliminate food sources that attract squirrels (including pet food and bird food/feeders); seal up any obvious openings; contact Nozzle Nolen to trap and remove any squirrels that are inside your home. You don’t want to try to catch them yourself and run the risk of getting bitten or meeting disease-laden feces. Our certified service providers will remove any existing squirrels and will identify areas that need improvement to prevent them from coming in again. We’ll assist you in preventing squirrels and other nuisance pests from entering your Port St. Lucie, FL home so you won’t have to pay any mind to those scurrying busy backyard squirrels again.


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