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Does Green Pest Control Work?

April 20, 2017

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Here in Florida, our tropical conditions that we enjoy year-round also mean that pests are enjoying it as well. Our climate means that Florida pests do not go dormant in the winter, but are active throughout. For this reason, they need to be continuously monitored to make sure that their populations do not get out of control and overwhelm homeowners and business owners in the area.

When we get a call about an infestation of pests, our team does a thorough inspection to ensure that we provide our client with the best service possible by positively identifying pest pressures, the ways they are accessing the home, and the areas they are nesting. This ensures that we are targeting the exact areas where the pests are in the home, and that we are dealing with the points that pests are using to access your home. Not only will this limit the amount of product needed, but it will also ensure that outdoor pests that are beneficial will live to see another day.

Nozzle Nolen is proud to be the only Green Shield Certified company in South Florida, but what does that mean? To us, it means that our company and everyone who works here understands that it is our job to protect the delicate balance of the ecosystem at each property. We go to each location with an understanding of the nature of the pests that we seek and work with the homeowners to make sure that our service is not only environmentally safe for the family and the home, but it will not interrupt that balance as well. Our team uses non-chemical methods first to target pests and work with homeowners to safely discourage pests from the home, acting against pests only when it is necessary. Even then, each product that we use is all natural, making it safe for your family and your pets.

To make sure that your home is safe from pests and avoiding costly exterminations, we always recommend that homeowners take advantage of one of our pest protection packages. Our motto is to treat pests where they live, not where you live. Our team employs a variety of tactics to discourage pests such as pruning shrubs and trees away from your home and sealing any area of your home that provide easy access for pests. We will also teach you to implement strategies that you can do in your daily life to discourage pests. These methods are designed to keep damaging and dangerous pests from entering your home in the first place, while leaving beneficial bugs out in the yard where they belong pollinating our gardens and eating other pests who might do harm.

Nozzle Nolen’s Green Shield Certified team works hard every day to make sure that every precaution is taken to protect our clients from the threat of pests in their home. Give us a call today and ask about one of our pest control packages. A trained technician will be on their way to do an inspection and go over what options would be best for your home.


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