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Do I Really Need to Worry About Asian Termites?

February 27, 2014

The simple answer would be a resounding YES! Asian termites are a species of Formosan Subterranean termites. They were originally found in Hallandale during the 1980’s, and like many other invasive species here in Florida, this type of termite is believed to have been introduced to the area through one of our many busy ports. Since this time, they have spread north to Palm Beach County and are now on the doorstep to Martin County.

Asian Formosan termite colonies, unlike our native Eastern Subterranean termite, have very large colonies that can number in the millions. The workers in the colony are constantly foraging for food sources of anything that is cellulose based, so basically anything that has wood or paper in it. The workers will forage up to 300 feet away from the heart of the colony. They are very fast moving and very destructive. The Asian Formosan termite generally invades structures from the ground. They commonly enter through expansion joints, cracks and utility conduits in slabs. Any wood-to-ground contact is an inviting entrance for their infestations. In New Orleans alone, where the species was first introduced in the 1950’s, these termites cause over $300 million per year in damage alone.

So what can you do?

Generally, the best defense against these termites is a good offense. The application of a non-repellent termiticide, such as Termidor from the termite professionals here at Nozzle Nolen, is your best weapon against this invasive species. This product is injected into the ground around your home. The termites cannot detect it and pass right through it. As the termite returns to the colony, it passes this slow acting termiticide to other termites. Eventually, generally within 90 days of exposure, it is spread throughout the colony and the colony dies off. For a free evaluation of your home’s termite protection needs, contact the trained professionals here at Nozzle Nolen.


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