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Do I Need a Bed Bug Treatment Before Moving?

February 24, 2017

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Bed bugs are very adept at getting into our homes, but unlike many pests that creep in through tiny crevices and holes in your home's foundation, windows, door frames, vents and screens, bed bugs hitch rides on clothing, suitcases and used furniture! Bed bugs and their eggs are so small you may never see them, however, you will notice their bite. You may wake up in the mornings with little red spots on your body that are very itchy. What the bed bugs are doing is feasting on your blood. You may even find tiny brown dots in your bedding or pajamas, this may be signs of dried blood or feces from the bed bugs. They will hide during the day in your bed frame, bedding creases, underneath your bed and in the floor or carpet around your bed. These pests will stay close to where they can feast on human blood most readily. Some people are more sensitive to bed bug bites and may end up with large welts on their skin.

To prevent bed bugs, you will need to be careful about bringing second-hand furniture and items into your home. Inspect them closely and clean them well. Also, when you return from a vacation, you should clean everything you took with you as soon as you can, including your clothing and suitcases. The most effective and efficient way to deal with bed bugs is to contact a professional pest control service and enlist their help in eliminating an infestation and a program to prevent any further problems. It is nearly impossible to get rid of them on your own. You can only kill the ones that you can see, and they are very small and elusive by nature. The bed bug eggs and adult bed bugs that are hiding will be very difficult to spot without the help of a professional.

So in answering the question, “Do I need a bed bug treatment if I am moving?", YES! Regardless of the reason for your move, a pest control inspection and bed bug treatment is a good idea. Even if you don’t think you currently have bed bugs, you really don’t want to run the chance of bringing them with you to your new home. To be honest, it would be a good idea to get an inspection and a treatment in your new home as well. That way you are protected on both ends of the move. Once you’ve done that you can have total peace of mind knowing you will be bed bug-free!

So, now you are wondering, who do I call? That answer is easy. Call the most trusted family owned pest control company since 1951, Nozzle Nolen, Inc. in West Palm Beach, Florida. We are Green Shield Certified, use pet-friendly products and our services are effective and timely.

As we always say, “Nothing is more important to us than customer satisfaction, let us prove it to you today.” Give us a call to learn more about our bed bug control services.


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