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DIY: Ghost Ant Edition Part Two

September 21, 2016

ghost ants in south florida

In part one of DIY: Ghost Ant Edition we learned all about ghost ants as well as a few natural home remedies to help get rid of them, such as vinegar and chalk.   In part two we will learn about even more natural home remedies, such as mint and coffee. 

Before we dive in, it is helpful to know that ghost ants can be difficult for homeowners to take care of on their own because they have multiple nesting sites and they will continue to form more and more new ones for as long as they are able.  Also, ghost ants will seek out moist areas that are close to a sugary food sources so, once they have spread inside your home, you will typically find ghost ants nesting near your kitchen or in your bathrooms.  Now let’s learn how to get to rid of them!

Essential Oils

There are a few essentials oils that you can use as a natural repellent for ghost ants including eucalyptus, clove, cinnamon, peppermint and citrus oils.  They work the best as a spray, so fill a spray bottle with water and add just a few drops of any of the previously mentioned essential oils and then spray along the ants’ trails and around their entrances.  Essential oils are quite effective and they smell much better than vinegar!


Mint can deter and kill ghost ants depending on how it is used.  If ghost ants have invaded your home, we here at Nozzle Nolen recommend that you start drinking mint tea because you can get rid of ghosts ants by putting the used mint teabags around points of entry or in areas with a lot of activity.  The ghost ants will avoid them like the plague.


Any kind of citrus fruit, such as lemons and oranges, as well as citrus oils can be used for a safe and powerful method to get rid of ghost ants.  Lemons have been proven to be the most effective fruit in regards to eradicating ghost ant infestations.  You can pour lemon juice in areas where there are a lot of ghost ants to send them running in the opposite direction and to keep them from coming back any time soon.


Cucumbers are effective because ghost ants have a natural aversion to them because they cannot stand the taste.  Place slices or peels near entrances and in areas that the ghost ants are frequently found and you should start seeing results that same day.  For this method to continue to be effective, replace the cucumber peels or slices after a couple of days when they have dried out.

Herbs and spices

There are some herbs and spices that you can use as a natural repellent for ghost ants including powdered cinnamon, clove, turmeric, garlic, cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt, mint or bay leaves.  The best way to implement these natural ghost ant repellants is to sprinkle them around the points of entry.  For example you can sprinkle a little bit of powdered clove along the windowsill in your kitchen or you can slice up a clove of garlic and stick it in between the wooden planks on your deck.

Baking Soda and Powdered Sugar

Baking soda effectively deters and kills ghosts ants; if you pour a solid line of baking soda then they will not cross it.  Another commonly used technique is to mix equal parts baking soda and powdered sugar together and then place the resulting powdery mixture in areas with lots of ant activity.  This mixture works effectively by using the powdered sugar as bait to attract the ghost ants and once they have been lured in, the baking soda finishes the job by killing them off.


Coffee grounds are acidic natural byproducts with a potent smell and they can be effective to keep ghost ants away because the ants cannot stand to be around that strong coffee smell.  One of the ways you can use this natural method is by spreading the coffee grounds around the perimeter of your house as a preventative measure.

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