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Common Rodents Living In West Palm Beach

January 19, 2017

norway rat

Living in West Palm Beach provides that perfect mix of city life meets the tropics. The white sand beaches and crystal clear blue waters are hard to resist. With the fantastic opportunities for shopping, dining, and entertainment as well as the array of outdoor activities that the area has all year long, is it any wonder that this area boasts over 100,000 residents?

One thing to always keep in mind is that where there are people, there are rodents. West Palm Beach is no exception. There are three types of rodents that are the most common to the area: the house mouse, the roof rat, and the Norway rat.

The house mouse might seem like a cute little creature, add them to a residence and you have a recipe for disaster. These guys can fit through just about any space that they can find to gain entrance; and once they are there, they will quickly set up housekeeping, start breeding, and before you know it, a full-blown infestation of mice are living in your walls. Mice are destructive creatures, chewing their way through walls, insulation, cupboards, and even wiring. Mice also will spread disease in areas such as your kitchen counters as they search for food which poses a huge risk to the health of the people living in the home. Mice are known carriers of hantavirus and salmonella.

The roof rat loves the climate in Florida. These nocturnal creatures tend to be found around bird feeders, fruit trees, and, of course, trash cans. They will easily scale a tree to be able to gain access to a rooftop. After finding their way inside, these large rats will tend to chew on whatever they can find there including the wiring. More than once, a fire has been started in the attic thanks to one of these oversized rodents.

The Norway rat is the most common rat in the United States. These rats are burrowers and are known to prefer dark, dank habitats. They have been known to cause damage to foundations and crawl spaces under homes trying to get inside. These rats are chewers as well and will do damage to wiring and furniture. The Norway rat is also responsible for spreading germs and disease. They are carriers of diseases like rat-bite fever, salmonella, and worst of all, the bubonic plague.

These typical rodents have always followed the human population. Thanks to us, mice and rats always have a steady supply of food at their disposal. Whether they are chewing on a loaf of bread in the pantry or nosing around in the trash, humans provide plenty for them to eat. With such a consistent supply of food sources as well as fresh water nearby, rats and mice are content to take advantage of our hospitality by finding our homes a safe place for them to raise young and live quite comfortably. Their populations can spread quickly increasing the risk to homes and the health of the families that live there.

Nozzle Nolen is West Palm Beach’s partner in rodent control. Our expert technicians will work with homeowners to do a thorough inspection to find out exactly which rodents are a threat and how best to remove them. Nozzle Nolen even has a program available to keep rodents away. Give Nozzle Nolen a call today to schedule your free inspection.


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