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Common October Seasonal Pests in Florida

October 10, 2018

We’re all familiar with rodent and termite infestations where pest control professionals are likely to be called right away. But there are some pests that tend to be put on the back burner since they are considered more of a nuisance pest than a destructive pest. However, these pests can become a problem if left unattended and should be treated just as seriously. Some pests can increase at an overwhelming rate! Let’s discuss some these common pests you’ll see in Florida this October. 

earwig on the ground


Earwigs can be half an inch to an inch in length. They’re dark brown and have short wings, but aren’t often seen flying. These insects are very fast runners, so they prefer to travel that way. Earwigs are well known for they’re pincer-like appendages that stick off the end of their abdomens. These insects are mostly nocturnal and will be drawn to light. Despite their look, earwigs don’t have a strong enough pinch to hurt humans, meaning they pose no real danger to us.

Field Crickets

Field crickets are a common pest here in Florida. They’re black and about three-quarters of an inch long. Also nocturnal, they will “sing”, or chirp, at night. Crickets are attracted to lights and sources of food such as plants and grass. Crickets are a nuisance pest that can annoy people with their “singing” as they try to sleep. They can also destroy fabrics and seedling plants.


Silverfish get their name from their fish-like appearance and movements. They’re silver with two antennae on their head and three bristles jutting off their back end. Silverfish are year-round pests, but as the weather cools around October, you may see them entering your property. They are also nocturnal and are attracted to food that can be found inside homes. Silverfish feed on a number of items, such as paper, starch, glue, or dead insects. Attracted to damp places, they will be found in basements and bathrooms. Often silverfish are found inside storage boxes or clothing piles. Silverfish can be very destructive to household items, especially paper items, and they’re likely to stain fabrics.


These oval-shaped, gray bugs are most active in the evening when they come out to feed. They are approximately half an inch long with a segmented body that resembles armored plates. When they’re disturbed they will roll up into a ball. They look somewhat like a small armadillo and have also been referred to as “rollie pollies." These insects are attracted to decaying organic matter and can usually be found in dark damp places such as basements or crawl spaces. They are not dangerous to humans or pets and don’t cause structural damage. 

All four of these pests are likely to find a home to infest this fall. As the weather cools, they hunt for a place of shelter. It’s common for them to be attracted to the lights of your house at night. It’s important to seal any openings to your home, install screens and vents, and keep your doors closed when not in use. If you’re noticing any of these pests around your home, it’s worth a call to a professional pest control expert. The professionals at Nozzle Nolen know exactly how to handle your pest needs. No matter what the infestation is, they have the tools and know-how to eliminate current infestations and prevent future pests from invading your property. Contact Nozzle Nolen Pest Solutions today to find out more. 


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