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Common Lawn Weeds In Boca Raton

January 31, 2017

south florida lawn with dandelions

When diagnosing your lawn, it is important to understand what kind of weed is attacking it. Different weeds require different control measures for effective management. The following are the types of weeds you can expect in your Boca Raton lawn, and the categories they fall under.


These are weeds that finish their entire life cycle in one growing season. Winter annuals are cold weather plants that complete their cycle from fall to spring. Summer annuals are warm weather plants that develop from spring to fall. These are the weeds that give folks the most trouble, and often they are unwanted grasses that mingle in with your turfgrass. Crabgrass and goosegrass are prime examples of summer annuals that we deal with a lot.


These are weeds that take two seasons to complete their entire life cycle. The growth of these plants will usually happen in the first season, followed by flowering in the second. Purple cudweed and shiny cudweed are both capable of being a biennial weed here in South Florida where the climate is temperate.


These are weeds that require three or more years to complete their entire life cycle. Dandelions and dollar weeds are perennials we see quite a bit. If not dealt with, they can completely take over a lawn.


These are dicotyledonous plants that have seed leaves that allow these weeds to germinate. The actual leaves on these plants have veins that spread out like a net and are usually accompanied by a flower. A good example of this is Florida pusley, which is also called Florida snow. While these can be pretty to look at, they are damaging to a lawn when they take over.


These are weeds that have a solid stem and a preference for moist climates. Yellow nutsedge, purple nutsedge (which are widely considered the world's worst weed), and green kyllinga are repeat offenders in the lawn-damaging department. All of these weeds, but in particularly cold winters they can behave like annuals.

It is often hard to distinguish weeds from your turfgrass and, even if you are able to distinguish them, they are so woven in that it can be difficult to know how to get rid of them without hurting your lawn. The first step is knowing what kind of weeds you're dealing with, and how they thrive. The goal of good lawn maintenance is to give your turfgrass what it needs and stop unwanted vegetation.

If you need help making your lawn a weed-free zone, give the lawn care professionals at Nozzle Nolen a call, we know weeds. And a whole lot more.


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