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Commercial Industries Most Affected By Pest Problems

August 9, 2018

No matter what business you own or manage, bugs, rodents, birds, and other pests can be a serious problem. They can damage property, spread diseases, bite and sting, get into machinery, cause a business to fail a health inspection, and more. But some businesses are at greater risk for certain pests. Let's look at a few.



When it comes to pest problems, restaurant owners have a difficult job. That is why most make pest control their top priority. Seeing a fly at a clothing store is probably not going to completely ruin the experience but a single fly in a plate of food can be disastrous for a restaurant. If a cockroach appears in an automotive shop it won't drive customers away but a roach climbing up a restaurant wall is enough to make some customers make that establishment off their list of eateries. Insects that would be minor irritants for other business owners can bring a restaurant to its knees.


Any business that takes care of children must contend with concerned parents when pests appear. That is why every daycare provider should consider pest control. Children are a treasure to their parents. If cockroaches, spiders, or flies are spotted during a drop-off or pick-up, parents take notice. This may inspire them to seek another place for their children. Worse than this, when children come home with bites, it can set off an alarm that an infestation of bed bugs, fleas, or even ticks may be present. This kind of news can travel like wildfire.


From preschools to colleges, pests can generate public concern but no bug can create as much hysteria as the bed bug. Since its return to the United States at the end of the 1990s, these insects have been taking over. Schools have to take precautions to prevent unnecessary fallout from the appearance of these bugs. Every school should have a bed bug plan as part of their ongoing pest control service. This plan should include public awareness, training for faculty and staff, and routine inspections. When a school has pest protection in place, everyone wins.


Any business that stores large quantities of product, especially foods, must contend with invading pests such as rodents, cockroaches, and termites. When pests get into stored products they can create all kinds of misery. Food can be contaminated, pallets can be damaged, and employee morale can plummet. Worse still, contamination to foods can go undetected and lead to bad publicity and unwanted attention from a government health inspector.

Commercial Pest Control

All pests can create troubles for businesses, even harmless, nuisance pests. No business should be without a pest plan. If you live in South Florida, start right here with industry-leading commercial pest control from Nozzle Nolen.


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