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Cold Snap Forces Rodents Inside

April 7, 2017

mouse found between wall

Living in Florida often means that people are talking about the heat and humidity, a lot. Few people own heavy winter jackets or gloves, and some never wear much on their feet aside from flip-flops all year long. However, as it did recently, there is an occasional cold snap that will completely catch a Floridian off guard. People are not the only ones who find the odd cold weather disconcerting. Mice and other rodents are thrown off by it as well.

During those times, no matter how brief they may be, rodents instinctively react by scrambling to look for a warm, safe place to wait out the cold. Frequently, that means that any house nearby is fair game for a cozy nest. Some people may shrug their shoulders and assume that after a few days when the temperatures rise again, their unintended houseguests will go back outside, but it doesn’t really take rodents very long to get comfortable in their new surroundings. They love the fact that your home is always temperature controlled, offers a steady supply of food in the cupboards, and affords protection from owls and other predators that remain outside. For the homeowner, this means serious problems as mice make themselves more comfortable and start to expand their little families.

Many people do not realize that these sneaky, furry creatures have even found their way in until they have already set up housekeeping. Generally, what someone will find is mice droppings in odd places like drawers, cabinets, and closets before they ever see a mouse. Homeowners might also find chew marks on boxes of food in the pantry or on the cupboard doors, as well as shredded newspaper or other material that mice use for nesting. As the mouse population grows, the homeowner might even begin to hear them scurrying inside the walls.

Having mice or rats inside your house is a huge problem. Mice are destructive and unhealthy additions to your household. If one is spotted, you can bet that there are many more living inside the walls, attic, or basement as well; and they aren’t going anywhere unless you intervene. At the first sign of a rodent, give Nozzle Nolen a call. Our experienced team offers an initial free inspection so we can go over each option available to you and discuss which one is best for your particular circumstance. One of our rodent protection plans will help get rid of the rodent population quickly and safely, and we can talk about how we can help you make sure that a rodent infestation doesn’t happen again.


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