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Cockroach Prevention Tips For Lake Worth Homes & Businesses

April 27, 2018

Cockroaches are a problem for both home and business owners alike. Roaches need humans to survive, so any place where humans are, roaches will be also. There are a few species of roaches common to Lake Worth: German, American, Australian, and Brown-banded. One thing that these all have in common is that they are not wanted on properties.

cockroach up close

Roaches are particularly disturbing to homeowners because it feels like an invasion of space and it makes living circumstances feel dirty. While there are a variety of species of roaches common to Southern Florida, there is really no difference in how much damage, destruction, and emotional stress they tend to cause homeowners. All roaches are omnivores and will eat a wide range of things, ranging from wax, grease, pet food, crumbs, and garbage. They are likely to ruin personal items such as books, clothing, furniture, and other soft items. Roaches are a health hazard because they spread their feces along with other harmful germs, bacteria, and pathogens that they pick up from unsanitary places like sewers and trash cans. They can transmit very serious diseases like E.coli and salmonella. This is particularly hazardous if the bacteria gets on counters where food is prepared. In addition, German cockroaches can emit an allergen that aggravates allergies and can cause asthma. 

Preventing cockroaches from getting into homes can be very difficult and most people find that they have to call in the professionals. However, there are a few things that Lake Worth residents can do to try to keep them away. You can eliminate unnecessary food sources within the home, for example, store food in airtight containers, clean up messes and crumbs thoroughly, and take out the trash often. Homeowners should seal any entry points where a roach might get inside such as cracks and crevices in the foundation, holes around windows and doors, and gaps around piping. Most roaches are attracted to warm, humid environments so repair any moisture issues that your home may have.

Most of the information for homeowners can be applied to commercial properties, just on a larger scale. The risks are still the same, but more people may be affected if a roach infests the business. For numerous reasons, one of the last things that a business owner wants to see is a roach crawling around the property. First of all, the health of employees and customers is at stake. Secondly, word spreads quickly and a business's reputation can easily be tarnished by a roach sighting. Lastly, products can become unsanitary and ruined. No matter if you own a daycare, restaurant, hotel, food processing company, clothing store, or run a health facility, commercial pest control is really the only course of action business owners can take. 

Whether you own a home or a business in Lake Worth, Nozzle Nolen can offer you protection against cockroaches. There are a variety of plan options that can be customized to your needs, are year-round, and come with routine service visits and monitoring. We are Green Shield Certified service providers, meaning that we are environmentally friendly and all of our approaches are safe for your family or your customers. Here at Nozzle Nolen, we provide strategies that are effective long-term, so your property will always be protected. 


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