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Cockroach Control in South Florida

August 31, 2018

There are many household pests that you can quickly get rid of. You can trap a fly or capture a little spider fairly easy. But there is something about seeing a cockroach run across the floor of your kitchen. It sends you into panic mode. Where did it come from? Is my home really that dirty? How am I going to get it out of my house? There are a few of the questions you might be asking yourself that moment you spot the roach, not knowing how long it’s been making its way around your home. To answer these questions, we need to look at a few things first.

cockroach in florida home

In South Florida, there are two main roaches that we see. The American roach is the largest species of the two and typically comes from the outside in. These roaches do not necessarily live in your home but will constantly invade when looking for food and water. The German roach will infest your home and live inside. These roaches are smaller in size and can be found underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks, behind refrigerators and in cabinets.

Both species of roaches hide during the day and make their moves at night. Finding a roach in your home can be frightening because they carry bacteria and other pathogens that can contaminate areas they come across as well as cause diseases and asthma. Roaches crawl through gutters and pipelines so it is very possible they will bring that bacteria in your home.

Now, just because a roach is found in a home, doesn’t always mean that the home has a dirty living situation. Roaches will find their way in to food and water. Where there is one roach, there are more, so if you see a roach in or around your home, there is most likely more in the area. This means your next-door neighbor could have roaches, and they found their way into your home.

As a homeowner, you can use a few tactics to keep roaches away. Sanitation and baits are the two effective ways to protect against roaches. Sanitation practices can be very effective if done consistently. These practices can include:

  • Caulking gaps and other holes that serve as entry points
  • Inspecting and fixing pipes. (This will eliminate the water sources.)
  • Removing extra newspapers, carboard, etc. in order to eliminate the amount of moisture.
  • Eliminating food sources by consistently taking out trash, washing dirty dishes (don’t leave them sitting in the sink), and covering up pet food.
  • Sweeping and vacuuming in order to pick up crumbs (vacuuming will also pick up shedded skins, feces, and other materials left behind by cockroaches).
  • Using baits around your home.
  • How Can Pest Control Solve a Roach Problem?

Homeowners can take steps and have tools that provide easy DIY steps. Baits are something that can easily be purchased and used around the home. They can be placed in areas under sinks, in corners of cabinets, and in crevices in doors and windows. However, DIY process don’t always fix the problem completely. In some cases, you may not even know you have roaches, giving them plenty of time to contaminate your home, so your elimination plan may not be as effective. When trying to solve a roach problem on your own, there are some steps that might cause an ineffective plan of action.

These include:

  • Placing bait in ineffective areas.
  • Using too little or too much bait.
  • Not using the most effective product.

With a pest control professional, you get a full exclusion and elimination service. Professionals will determine what kind of roach infestation you have and use the proper exclusion process. Baiting processes differentiate depending on the type of roaches as well. The elimination process always starts with a thorough inspection to ensure that the right pest is being targeted. A thorough inspection can also show if you have other pests you may not have known about. Once the pests and their living environments have been identified, the right bait can be chosen and applied. The elimination process also consists of correcting conducive conditions. For roaches, examples of conducive conditions that should be fixed are replacing door sweeps, sanitation, plumbing, and harborage. Correcting these areas will help to keep the problem pest from returning as well as keeping any other pests out.

At Nozzle Nolen, our professionals can give you a peace of mind by eliminating your roaches and conducive conditions the first time around, so you don’t have to worry about them coming back. To set up your free inspection and call us today at (888) 685.0376.


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