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Classroom Troublemakers Need More Than “Time Out!”

September 9, 2017

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It’s easy to find pests around areas like classrooms, cafeterias, locker rooms, and gyms. For colleges and universities, dorm rooms are the main location for pests like bed bugs. Here is a list of common school pests that we can help expel.  

Ants: Ants are foraging pests that come from the outside looking for food. Ants can be found all around the school campus in search for food. They do not pose any health threats and are considered to be a nuisance. Ants can be found inside in places such as classrooms that have a left-over mess from activities. They can also be found outside in areas like athletic fields or playgrounds.

Bed Bugs: Bed Bugs are the hitchhiking pests that can be brought in by both students and staff members. They can be brought into the school via suitcases, backpacks, or even jackets.  College dorms can also become a hotspot for bed bugs. Because college dorms house people from all over, they are the perfect places for bed bugs to infest.

Rodents: Rats and mice are also foraging pests that come looking for food, water, and shelter. When trying to prevent having rats and mice it is important to focus on sanitation and rodent proofing. Rodents can squeeze through small spaces and with a large campus, there are plenty of ways for them to find a way in. Rodents can pose health threats and transmit diseases. Leaving food open and exposed in cafeterias, classrooms, or staff lounges can be attractive to rats and mice, as well as pipes that may be leaking around the campus or in bathrooms.

Termites: The only preventative treatment for termites in schools can be done when the campus is first built. A termite infestation in schools can be exposed by the swarming termites. It may be difficult to prevent swarmers form infesting a school building because the preventative action focuses on the soil before the school is built. However, there have been many cases of termite damage in schools.

Cockroaches: There are two types of cockroaches, domestic and peridomestic. Domestic cockroaches live within human structures and peridomestic cockroaches live outside but can be brought in. They can be introduced inside via cardboard packages. Cockroaches can hide in wall voids, lockers, and even desks. They will roam at night to find food and water. They can also potentially cause health issues by contamination.

It’s important to keep classrooms, staff lounge areas, cafeterias, and locker rooms sanitized and de-cluttered. Low maintenance and clutter are the perfect formula for an infestation, and sanitization is the groundwork for preventing pests in schools.

Nozzle Nolen offers free inspections and can a variety of services that will help reduce the conditions that are attracting these pests. Call us today to see how you can give your students and staff the extra protection they deserve!


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