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Build Your Own Bed Bug Trap

August 27, 2014

Bed bugs are the worst. They live where you sleep and want to suck your blood. They are worse than vampires, even though some may argue vampires aren’t that bad seeing as they’re hip now. In addition to the bloodsucking thing, bed bugs also tend to be one of the trickier pests to get rid of.

When bed bugs bite, they will leave you with a series of bumps that will often be confused with a rash. The only way to know if you have bed bugs is to properly identify them, and to properly identify a pest, you first need to catch it. Setting up traps around your home is the best way to capture bed bugs.

Why is Trapping the Way to Go?

Trapping is cheap. It’ll save you a lot of time and money wasted on pesticides in the instance that you have mistaken your rash for bed bug bites. ‘Well, the traps probably aren’t that cheap, right?’ Wrong. In fact, you may not even have to leave your house to get the supplies.

Building Your Trap

Supplies: masking tape, small container, medium-sized container

Here are the four steps to creating your own bed bug solution:

Step 1: Rip off 4 three-inch pieces of masking tape.

Step 2: Place each piece of tape on the inside of the small container, vertically and evenly spaced, forming an ‘X’ in the center.

Step 3: Wrap the entire outside of the larger container in masking tape from top to bottom.

Step 4: Take a 2-inch piece of tape and roll it, making the roll sticky on all sides. Place the tape roll in the center of the inside of the larger container. Take the smaller container and place it in the middle of the larger container, sticking it to the tape roll.

Using Your Trap

Place the leg of your bed frame, or other piece of furniture into the smaller container. Now your trap is set!

How It Works

The bed bugs will either:

Climb down the leg of your furniture into the small container or climb up the outside of the large container from the floor. The bugs coming from the furniture will climb up the traction that the masking tape creates on the inside of the smaller container and will fall into the larger container, trapping themselves. The bugs climbing up the outside of the larger container from the floor will also find themselves trapped in the larger container. You may place multiple bed bug traps around your home for maximum effectiveness.

Once you find bed bugs in your traps, carefully remove them with tweezers and place them in a sealed plastic baggy. Give the baggy to your friendly Nozzle Nolen technician and we will be able to confirm whether you have bed bugs or not and we’ll discuss the options that you have for treating your home.

We may recommend a heat treatment in solving your bed bug infestation. Heat treatment is the most effective and efficient treatment for bed bugs. If you have properly identified that bed bugs exist in your home using your new trapping method, then it’s time to contact us and get your free bed bug inspection.


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