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Bring In Holiday Cheer, Not Pests

November 23, 2014

Before you settle in for some well-deserved long winter’s naps this Christmas season, it pays to make sure no unwanted creatures are stirring – not even a mouse! The scary truth is that many household pests thrive around the holidays, feeding on and nesting in Christmas trees, gift boxes, and wrapping paper.

Christmas Trees

Live Christmas trees can host a variety of mites, spiders, and insects. Here are some tips that can help cut back on any pest or insect issues that your live Christmas tree can bring:

  • Give your new tree a quick visual inspection before bringing it into your home.

  • Scrape off any egg cases or masses deposited by gypsy moths and praying mantises.

  • Remove all birds’ nests.

  • Shake out the tree before bringing it inside to reduce the chance of humbugs playing Scrooge to your holiday festivities.

  • Never use spray-can bug killers on your Christmas tree, as they can be extremely flammable.

Lights & Decorations

Bringing boxes, paper, and decorations out from storage also run the risk of six and eight-legged stowaways. Silverfish, roaches, and spiders make themselves at home in attics and garages, just waiting for a free ride into your living area. So it’s best if you can unpack ornaments and light strings outside, and consider repacking them in airtight plastic or metal containers rather than cardboard next time.

Christmas Food

Sugarplums and figgy pudding may not be in your cooking plans, but chances are there will be plenty of cookies, pies, and savory dishes to enjoy as you gather with loved ones. Keep counter tops clean and food safely stored away to deny scavengers an easy meal.

Don’t Worry, They’re Harmless!

The good news is that apart from the “ick factor,” most unwanted Christmas pests will not harm your family members, pets, or houseplants. They will die off soon enough, and can be disposed of easily with a vacuum cleaner.

Christmas Pest Prevention Guide

Nozzle Nolen’s Christmas Pest Prevention Guide provides more information on how to recognize many of Florida’s common Christmas-season pests including aphids, spider mites, pine bark beetles, and more. The guide also explains the damage that these pests can cause and how to keep your home pest-free this holiday season. We also offer free advice on how to get rid of unwanted holiday pests, unfortunately, that advice doesn’t include your obnoxious cousin Clarence!

To learn more about our environmentally safe and family-friendly Florida pest control services, contact us today.


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