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Best Termite Treatment Options for Tequesta Residents

April 24, 2018

Living in warm weather year-round can be wonderful…most people would love to not have to worry about brutal cold and snow. But there are definitely drawbacks to the consistently high temperatures. One of these drawbacks is that the weather allows termites to remain active throughout the year. They are always a problem and because they are active all year long, Tequesta homeowners have to constantly be worrying about them. If you aren’t worried about them, you should be. Termites cause several billion dollars a year in damages across the U.S. every year. They aren’t easy to detect, giving them ample time to cause large amounts of destruction before they are even discovered. Termites feed on wood and they will hollow out the wooden structure of your home until the point that the entire integrity of your home is weakened. This is extremely dangerous and expensive to fix. 

termites up close near tequesta home

As you can imagine, the Southeastern states (Florida included) have the highest rates of termite infestation in the U.S. One in every five homes have been or will be infested with termites at some point. Now you see why termite prevention is so crucial. As a homeowner, there are some things that you can do to try to prevent termites. The key is to avoid what attracts them to your home in the first place. There are two main types of termites that thrive in Florida. These are the dry wood termite and subterranean termites. They are attracted to wood—dry or wet—as well as other cellulose products such as plants. You’ll want to remove any wood debris on your property and make sure you aren’t having any water issues such as clogged gutters or leaking pipes that could be damaging the wood inside your home. 

Many homeowners become so desperate when trying to stop a termite infestation that they attempt to use do-it-yourself options such as store-bought bait or liquid chemicals. These usually do not work and won’t eliminate an entire infestation. If you have a termite problem, the only solution is to contact a local pest control professional. 

Nozzle Nolen services South Florida, including Tequesta, and we offer protection for your home through our termite control services. It is very important to point out that homeowners insurance does not cover termite damage or treatment. This makes it imperative to invest in one of our termite control plans. We offer numerous services throughout the year that include prevention and putting a stop to any termite problem that may arise. We offer several preventative and treatment options that include termite baiting systems, detection systems, traditional tenting, and a vault to fumigate portable items. We will develop a treatment plan based off of the type of termite infestation you have and your unique situation. All of our options are safe and environmentally friendly. Don’t let termites make living in warm weather year-round a negative when there is so much about our climate to be happy about. Give us a call today!


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