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Benefits of Year-Round Pest Control Plans

March 29, 2017

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Anyone who lives in West Palm Beach is well aware of how beautiful the weather is all year long. It is one of the reasons why people want to make their home here. Lush, green grass and palm trees, and the pristine blue waters of the Atlantic provide the perfect backdrop for the American dream. More and more people move south to escape the bitter cold that permeates the north for three or more months a year.

People are not the only creatures who appreciate sunny weather and moderate temperatures. Common pests that live all over the country tend to hibernate or die off in the northern states as they can’t tolerate the cold. Here in West Palm Beach they not only survive through the winter, but they thrive all year long. One thing, however, that is not different between pests in the north and the south is that they instinctively sense that if they move inside a house that has food, water, and protection from the elements and predators they will pretty much have it made.

That’s why it is so important here in Florida to protect properties all year long from pests finding their way inside in the first place. Cost for an initial inspection and service to the property is based on square footage and the level of infestation; but after the home is given a clean bill of health, Nozzle Nolen will work with the family to provide a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly service plan that fits with that particular property’s needs and the homeowner’s budget.

The Gold Package targets pests that are a common problem in the area. Choosing this package entitles the homeowner to monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly protection outside the home. Our technicians will inspect for problem areas and apply our products to exclude covered pests from entering the home. If a pest does happen to make its way through and gets inside anyway, this plan covers our technicians to treat the inside as well when it is needed.

Homeowners with just the basic need for pest protection often opt for the Silver Package. This package covers common pests both inside and out when our client needs us to be there. It is a great option for those who live in condominiums and townhouses.

Nozzle Nolen’s greatest level of protection is our Platinum Package. This coverage choice deals with a wider range of problem pests that are more common to the area than the Gold package. Our technicians will work with the homeowner to target the areas outside where the pests might flourish, preventing them from gaining access into the home. Then, we will take care of any pests that make their way in anytime it is needed.

Whatever package you choose, you can count on Nozzle Nolen to provide superior products that are environmentally friendly and that offer superior coverage. Our highly-trained technicians will treat your home and family with respect, always offering superior customer service. Give us a call for your initial inspection and find out just what level of service your home needs and how easy Nozzle Nolen can make pest control for you and your home.


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