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Bed Bugs In Atlantis

February 6, 2017

tropical beach in bahamas

Who doesn't love a tropical vacation to a remote desert island? Probably you don't, if the resort you chose had bed bugs.

There are a lot of Floridians who love to travel to the Bahamas, and Atlantis is a huge tourist destination filled with 5-star resorts. You wouldn't expect to find bed bugs in this tropical paradise. But it happens. In a recent news report one couple stepped right into a horror movie. Their first night there, the woman woke up with bed bug bites. She told reporters, "I really have never been in such pain in my life. I mean, these things are just swelling up all over my body."

Beyond the swelling bites, and a ruined vacation, the tragedy of this woman's experience is that it could have been avoided. After the bites were discovered, she and her husband turned the bed over and found a large infestation of bed bugs on her side. If they had done a quick inspection when they arrived, they wouldn't have needed to be experts to realize that sleeping in that bed would be a nightmare. And, they wouldn't have even needed to turn the bed over to find evidence. They said there were feces on the skirting of their bed. This is always a clear sign of bed bugs.

If you plan to take a trip to a tropical paradise, here are a few things you should do when you arrive:

  • Put your bags in the bathroom. If there are bed bugs in your room, the last thing you want is for those bugs to get in your bags and ride home with you.

  • Turn the bed down and look for black streaks, black droppings, brown blood stains, shed insect skins, or tiny oval bugs crawling around.

  • Use a flashlight to examine the seams, skirting, and even the underside of your mattress. If you see black droppings, blood stains, insect parts, or bugs, it is time to call management.

  • For extra precaution, use your flashlight to check the backboard on the bed, the baseboards and outlets in the room, stitching on upholstered furniture, and carpet edges for black streaks and droppings.

Bed bugs can be anywhere; even paradise. Don't let these pests ruin your vacation, or travel back with you and create a nightmare in your home.

If these bugs find a way into your South Florida home, call Nozzle Nolen. Our team uses the most advanced equipment and protocols to deal with these tormenting pests. For fast relief from bed bugs, you can trust the bed bug control experts at Nozzle Nolen, every time.


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