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Bed Bugs: Everything You Never Wanted to Know, But Really Should

July 16, 2014

Hopefully this summer you plan on taking some time to travel and experience something new and exciting. But regardless of whether you stay local or travel the globe, you need to be vigilant about one of the world’s most ancient pests: bed bugs. Bed bugs have proven to be one of the most difficult pests to identify and eradicate. Their microscopic size makes them the unseen enemy, especially in the egg and nymphal stages. Bed bug infestations often go unaddressed until they reach the level of a serious infestation. In addition, bed bugs are easily transported in bags, clothes, and other belongings, spreading everywhere people go. Bed bugs are no longer a “hotel problem” or limited to beds as their names suggest.

Here is a list of some common misconceptions about bed bugs:

  • Bed bugs are caused by dirty conditions. False! Dirty or unclean environments have nothing to do with bed bugs. They can be found in the most luxurious, clean homes and the most cluttered, neglected office or apartment. They can live anywhere people are.

  • Bed bugs are not dangerous. True and false. Bed bugs are not known to carry diseases or be medically dangerous to people, although bites can be uncomfortable, resulting in red, itchy welts. Most people are completely unaffected by bites with no visible evidence they were exposed. However, they can damage your reputation, whether it is in your home or business. The social stigma and media hype associated with bed bugs can only be minimized by understanding the risks and taking steps to identify and eliminate any bed bug problem as soon as possible.

  • Bed bugs are a traveler’s problem, usually found in hotels. False! Bed bugs have been found in hundreds of environments from a retail dressing room to a factory locker room and everywhere in between. All businesses should have a bed bug management plan in place, and, if possible, have proactive early detection services performed on a regular basis. When entering a business, whether it is a hotel, movie theater, or hospital, you should do your own inspection to make sure no bed bugs are present.

  • Bed Bug problems have been overblown by the media—they’re not that serious. False! While media coverage does draw more attention than normal, all documented research points to a dramatic increase in bed bug problems. Some studies report anywhere from a 300%-500% increase in bed bug complaints in the last six years.

  • Bed bugs are only found in large, high population cities like New York and Chicago. False! Bed Bug infestations have been reported nationwide in cities and small communities. Although problem areas like New York have been featured more in national media, many other cities are also affected.

  • I already have a monthly pest management service so I don’t have to worry about bed bugs. False! Bed bugs are a unique pest. They are not easily found during regular pest control services and require special methods like steam treatments or specific insecticides to eliminate them.

Separating bed bugs and separating fact from fiction is an important first step in minimizing risk to your home or business. Protecting your family and or business with proactive bed bug management strategies is imperative. Professional pest management providers, like the experts here at Nozzle Nolen, are the best equipped to design an early detection program that fits your location and budget as well as treats any bed bug problems. Contact us today for your free bed bug evaluation! You’ll be so glad you did!


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