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Bed Bugs: Business Killers

August 31, 2017

bed bug crawling on bed

We live in an age where humans travel at the speed of sound and communicate at the speed of light. We also live in an age of instant information. If you want to know how far the moon is from the Earth, all you have to do is ask your phone. It is equally simple to find out what people are saying about a business. There are many review applications for our smart phones that will let us know if people like the food, think the business is clean, approve of the prices, and other good things. But reviews can also reveal bad bed bugs. This can lead to a significant reduction in business.

Top 5 Businesses Affected By Bed Bugs 

  • Hotels and motels. This is a growing problem for hotels and motels. Any business that caters to guests has to deal with the ever-increasing threat of bed bug infestations in the United States. As more and more infestations take root in U.S. homes, more and more people become vehicles to bring bed bugs into hotels and motels.

  • Transportation. Before people stay overnight somewhere, they often take a cab, bus, or train. When they do, bed bugs can be left in these locations.

  • Clothing retailers. The last thing any retail clothing chain needs is the bad press of bed bugs appearing. This has become a particular issue for companies that send clothing to customers through the mail. When bed bugs come in on employees and get into shipping boxes, it can lead to a serious threat to the company's reputation.

  • Daycares. Bed bugs are an increasing issue for homes and families. As this threat increases, daycares are finding themselves on the front lines of the battle. All it takes is one bed bug sighting to scare parents into moving their kids to another daycare. It shouldn't be this way, but sadly, it can be.

  • Retirement homes. Bed bugs are a serious problem for retirement and nursing homes. More than 80% of elderly do not develop significant bumps when bed bugs bite. This allows these pests to spread easily, inside and outside of these locations.

In this age of technology, bad news travels at the speed of light. It doesn't take long for social media to catch on fire when bed bugs appear. Protect your business with routine inspections and targeted bed bug control from a pest control company you can trust.
If you live in South Florida, reach out to Nozzle Nolen to set up bed bug management for your business. We'll help you protect your customers, and protect your brand, with industry-leading protocols that work. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.


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