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Bed Bugs and More in Hotels

November 1, 2016

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The great state of Florida is blessed to have many reasons for people to come and visit. The beautiful, white sandy beaches of South Florida draw tourists from all over the country, the great sports teams of Florida bring fans from all over the state together, and the most magical place on Earth, Disney World, is right in our backyard. But what do all these people have in common? Probably sunburn, but they also need a place to stay. After a long day at the beach or the stadium or the amusement park all they want to do is go back to their air-conditioned hotel room and lay down on their comfy bed. And then they see a cockroach crawl across the floor and the day is ruined. The last thing anyone wants is a creepy crawly in their hotel room, and the last thing a hotel wants is to have a customer with a complaint like that.

Most people think of bed bugs as the most obvious pest problem in hotels and, while they are a major problem, there are other pests that cause more problems for hotels. Rats and mice can also be a major problem for hotels. These rodents are attracted to food supplies and since most hotels offer food services, this will encourage these unwanted visitors to try and nest in the hotel. Rodents can cause physical damage to the building, can contaminate food with droppings and urine, and can carry diseases, ticks and other parasites. Signs of rodents include noises such as squeaks, droppings, and gnawing of building materials.  The best way to stop an infestation is to cut off access to the building. This includes cracks, pipes, windows and doorways. Once the rodents have entered the building, they must be eliminated using either poison or traps.

Another frequent visitor of hotels is the disgusting cockroach. Cockroaches are the most common insects that infest food handling businesses. Cockroaches are especially tricky pests because they are nocturnal, can hide in small crevices, and can reproduce quickly. Cockroaches can carry a large number of bacteria such as listeria, salmonella, and E coli; all of which can cause patrons of hotels to get very sick. They also leave droppings and bodily secretions which can cause problems for both guests and staff. Cockroaches are attracted to warm and wet conditions, and can thrive on practically any kind of food. To prevent cockroaches from invading your hotel, cleanliness is your best defense. Keeping areas clean will discourage cockroaches by making your home less appealing to them, so you can put an end to the problem before it gets too big.  Once an infestation has occurred, there are multiple ways to control the cockroaches using products such as sprays, dusts and baits.

Probably the most infamous hotel pest is the bed bug. Since hotel guests rely on their bed for a good night’s sleep, these little pests can turn a nice stay into a nightmare. Bed bugs have actually been around with humans for thousands of years. Bed bugs are very hard for hotels to prevent because the guests, employees, or anyone coming into the hotel could bring them in. Once they arrive in the hotel they can move from room to room via guests, employees or crawling. The best way to prevent bed bugs is to thoroughly check each room and each of the sheets individually while cleaning them. If the infestation can be caught early enough, then it can be contained and prevented from spreading any further into the building. Bed bugs must feed on blood, a.k.a. guests, every 5-10 days. They are nocturnal creatures so if there is a bed bug problem, your guests will complain about being bit in the morning. Most of the time they won’t know about the bed bugs because their bites contain a chemical that don’t allow you to feel the actual bite. Bed bugs can also transmit a plethora of diseases to their victims. For hotels, it’s not only about preventing the bed bugs from getting in, but it is also about preventing the spread of the bed bugs once they are in. Bed bug control operations include fumigation and heat treatment if the infestation is contained.

Any of these pests can cause a major problem for hotels like complaints from guests, refunds, and bad reviews. All of these can significantly affect a hotel’s reputation and cause serious financial strain for the hotel.  While prevention is the best policy for any pest problem, if you need a professional to get the job done, call a professional at Nozzle Nolen.

Serving South Florida from Sebastian to Deerfield Beach, our commercial pest control professionals are ready to take care of f your company’s pest problems. Contact us today to find out how we protect businesses from bed bugs and other pests!



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