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Are Dust Mites Treatable?

January 8, 2016

Not really. When it comes to dust mites their biggest threat to humans comes in the form of allergies. Dust mite fragments or by-products are found in the dust you breathe inside your home. Those fragments are what is responsible for your asthmatic reactions to the dust.

Dust mites are microscopic. The females are approximately 1/64th of an inch long, and the males are even smaller. They basically live in your home, feed off the dead skin of humans, and lay eggs. They lay about one egg a day over a 30-day period.

To put into perspective just how tiny these insects really are, take a moment to consider their feeding habits. The human body is said to shed about 5 grams of skin a week. One gram of human skin will feed thousands of dust mites over a few months. So basically, dust mites thrive in your home. They love hiding in soft, protected environments. For example, they will often take to living in thick carpeting, heavy curtains, beds, and pillows.

There’s no real professional pest control cure for dust mites. The best way to reduce the population of them in your home is to vacuum your floors, clean your carpets, and change your bedding on a consistent basis. Other supplemental devices like HEPA air cleaners and filters can also help reduce the allergens that they create.


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