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Ant Trouble In Parkland

April 7, 2018

Parkland is a relaxing and diverse city in South Florida with a serene environment. With the beach just a short drive away, this city also offers a number of parks and community amenities. Now that spring is here, so is the perfect time to get out and enjoy everything Parkland has to offer. What could possibly stop you from getting out and enjoying the sun and parks? If you guessed ants, you’re right! Not only does spring bring beautiful weather, but it also brings swarms of ants.

carpenter ant

Types of ants in Parkland

  • Bigheaded ants are one of the most common ants found in Parkland in the Spring. These ants are active year-round but start to swarm in the Summer. Bigheaded ants are typically found outside in the lawn or around the base of your home, but trails can lead indoors. When these ants find their way inside they will be searching through your cupboards, cabinets, and countertops looking for fats, meats, and oily foods.

  • Carpenter ants are also a year-round pest problem in Parkland. Both males and females start swarming at the beginning of spring. This type of ant is found in areas with damaged wood. They can become destructive because they dig into the wood to build nesting sites.

  • Ghost ants are another year-round pest in Parkland. These ants can be found all over your home but are typically most commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms. The kitchen provides food and bathrooms provide them with water. Once they are inside your home, ghost ants will move very quickly and can be difficult to get rid of.

Tips and Tricks for Parkland Ants

  • Regularly INSPECT your home. Search for leaky pipes and other areas that trap moisture. Getting rid of these areas could eliminate your chances of getting an ant infestation.

  • Ants are always looking for a source of food including the fats, oils, and proteins that come from the foods surrounding your kitchen. Always CLEAN up kitchen counters and tables, especially after cooking or eating.

  • Use BAITS or HOME REMEDIES. Even though DIY pest solutions are not always effective, that may help you slow down the infestation until you hire a professional. Essential oils, mint, and chalk are ways to help eliminate entry points.

  • REMOVE excess debris and wood around your home. Wood is very attractive, especially for carpenter ants. Placing it a few feet away from touching the foundation of your home will help reduce the chances of the ants entering your home.

  • Using a PROFESSIONAL is the one way that will effectively remove those ants for good. Some DIY tips are very useful and can help stop your problem for that moment, but a more permanent solution is to hire a Nozzle Nolen professional.

Nozzle Nolen offers Parkland an eco-friendly and effective pest control service. Our services provide long-term solutions and can safely remove your ant problems. Contact us today for a free inspection!


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